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Crystal Choi for student advocate

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Crystal Choi is running for ASUC student advocate after being a member of the Student Advocate's Office, or SAO, since her freshman year.


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APRIL 03, 2022

With a wealth of experience having worked in the Student Advocate’s Office for the past three years, Choi would take on the role of student advocate with grace, strength and sensitivity — all of which are critical qualities for the position. 

She approaches the position of student advocate with a fundamental understanding of how to balance the role’s internal responsibilities to caseworkers and its external role in building relationships with the campus community and administration. Choi is committed to being a figure anyone on campus can reach out to and rely upon to facilitate meaningful institutional change. 

The student advocate, though often underappreciated, has a unique ability within the ASUC to uplift and empower students through a range of struggles they may endure, ranging from basic needs to sexual violence and sexual harassment. To maintain that commitment without partisan biases is commendable and something that Choi has vowed to do. 

Perhaps most importantly, Choi understands what it means to meaningfully support students without resurfacing previous traumas. She is also right to emphasize the importance of recognizing and empowering students’ own voices, rather than speaking on behalf of them or their respective communities. She has clearly thought extensively about her position in relation to those she seeks to serve — a self awareness that is critical for any student advocate to have. 

Vote Crystal Choi for Student Advocate.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the spring 2022 managing editor, Mallika Seshadri. Aditya Katewa recused himself from this endorsement process due to a conflict of interest with our news department.

APRIL 03, 2022