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Wii Sports Games that can help you be more active

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MARCH 31, 2022

Want to stay healthy while you enjoy your favorite games, we have got you covered with the list of best WII sports games that help you be more active!

Since the rise of video games, many feel like we have moved away from outdoor sports and that is true to some extent. Kids nowadays spend more time on their gaming devices than going out and playing with their friends and video games surely is a major reason for that.

Games like Fortnite and PUBG have got them addicted and hooked to computer screens. But with technology game developers and engineers have stepped up to create devices that mimic the same action a player would do playing an outdoor sport to provide an immersive experience while keeping you active. And luckily, you can get some good deals on games and peripherals to have the ultimate experience.

And so in this article, we have gathered some of the best Wii sports games that can help you be more active while having a ton of fun with your family and friends!

Wii Sports Resort

Since we are looking to find games to help us stay fit, I can’t think of a better game than Wii Sports Resort. This isn’t just a sports game, but it’s more of a platform that comes packed with a slew of different sports games that you can choose from.

This makes it pretty convenient for people with different tastes to find their favorite game within a single roof. You get to play the role of a star athlete and have a ton of fun while also staying fit with these sports. 

Wii Golf

Golf might not be your strong suit and many of us can’t afford to play this expensive sport outside but with Wii Golf, you get to experience a similar thrill of hitting the ball as hard as you can with ultimate focus. Wii Golf requires the same focus and attention by introducing the same physical factors that affect the ball in real, be it the winds, distance, hitting power and more.

It’s a lovely little mini sports game that can actually help you stay fit while also enhancing your golfing skills and focus. Of course, it’s not the best when it comes to exercise or workout as it only demands so much but for all the golf lovers, it is surely worth putting down your list.


The next game on this list is Baseball, although there isn’t much of a running or jumping in the game it sure lets you pitch and hit the ball. The game offers simple baseball mechanics but don’t take it for an easy game at all, you have to anticipate the ball’s trajectory and try to find that sweet spot while the ball is traveling at you with a super-fast speed.

Besides pitching and batting, the other stuff like fielding and base-running are totally handled by the AI. All you have to do is just focus on these two key areas. It’s one of the best sports games that keeps you energetic while giving your arms quite a nice workout. 


How can I not include this masterpiece of a sports game? Tennis is insanely fun and it also helps you keep yourself active on any lazy day. You can play this game alone with the AI or you can challenge one of your friends or family to show them who the real boss is.

The movement on court is handled by the game itself and all you have to focus on is timing your hits to perfection and sending the ball in the right direction to secure the win. It’s not as easy as it sounds, you really have to be accurate with your wrist movement and everything to make sure you get the perfect shot.


Who doesn’t love some intense punching? Everyone does! So, the last game on this list that you will surely love is boxing. It’s a perfect way to stay fit and active by throwing some powerful punches at your opponent, while also trying your best to dodge theirs’. Boxing also allows you to use nun-chuck, so you could have double attacks, one with your fist and the other, with your nun-chuck.

This game is probably the best in terms of keeping you active while also helping you learn the ropes of boxing. Jab, punch, uppercut, whatever you do, just make sure you don’t break something valuable in your house while trying to knock your opponent down to the ground!


With that, we have reached the end of our list, hopefully these games would be enough to keep you busy for quite some time, while also helping you stay active!

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JANUARY 11, 2023