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Sex Issue 2022: Dear diary

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FEBRUARY 11, 2022

Unsurprising to most, sex has been — and likely always will be — a huge part of the quintisential college experience. From casual hookups to vows of forever given beneath soft sheets, many of us see these fleeting four years as a rare opportunity. It’s a chance to explore a side of ourselves that’s often confined to our dating app DM’s and the love letters better left unseen.

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, take a chance to visit new sex stores, fun and freaky places to share in a sordid love affair and playlists for your sneaky links. Whether you view sex in terms of sexual and gender identity, your shared solicitations with others or a journey you take on your own, this sex issue seeks to traverse the confidential and the formerly undisclosed.

Figuring out I’m a woman on Berkeley Time 

So here I am presenting myself. I am scared but happier than I’ve ever been. I can finally be myself. I am a trans woman.

— Joaquin Najera

Piece by jagged piece

With every notch on my metaphorical bedpost, I waited for the sensations to be normal, for the hands on my body to feel pleasant instead of exploitative.

— Samantha Lim

5 sex stores to spice up your sex life

Photo of adult shop Feel More

Starting to work toys into your sexual routines can be intimidating. But these stores will help you turn to the next page of your sex story.

— Katherine Shok

Evocative erotica of ‘Euphoria’

“Euphoria” never intended to accurately depict the events of a typical, cookie-cutter high school, but rather to draw attention to harsh realities.

— Francesca Hodges

Sold out, but never for sale

When I pretend not to hear the objectification forced my way, I sacrifice the autonomy of my movement and surrender my body to those who wish to control it.

— Adriana Temprano

Top 10 sexiest places for UC Berkeley students to get it on

Infographic depicting the top 10 best places to F*** on campus.Try having sex in these 10 weirdly public spots and see how long it takes for anyone to spot you in plain sight — if they ever do.

— Alisa Steel

Weirdest places to have sex, from sea to land

Illustration of sea creatures in a tank swimming in amorous pairs, including sea otters, fish, and crabs.Here are five nontraditional places I’ve had sex, the ratings based on how much I enjoyed it and whether I recommend you give it a try too!

— Rina Rossi

Fuck, marry, kill: Berkeley edition

Infographic depicting FMK Berkeley edition

In this unique take on a classic schoolyard game, we’ve taken some iconic campus and Berkeley staples and are asking our fellow students and residents to make the choice: fuck, marry or kill?

— Samantha Lim

The Valley’s dirty little secret

I’ve never thought of my hometown as erotic, but fantasy is baked into the concrete. At parties, the mythos of Hollywood subsumed me, and it wasn’t hard to play the ingénue.

— Maya Thompson

5 sex positions that are worth bending over for 

Illustration of a person laying in bed with their arms up and clutching their sheets.

Here are some sex positions to spice up your normal sex routine if you’re ever curious, stressed, bored or, above all, horny!

— Stella Kotik

A soundtrack for the greatest love story

Photo of the song Enchanted by Taylor Swift playing on a phone

In the pursuit of a great love story, every main character knows how crucial it is to maintain the perfect playlist — a blend of soft ballads and melancholic voices will serve to commemorate fleet flirtations as you pore over them deep into the night.

— Samantha Lim

The feminine urge to be desired

Soon enough, I fell into the never ending cycle of swiping, chatting and unmatching because I was addicted to words of affection from 24-year-old men that knew absolutely nothing about me.

— Asha Pruitt

Evading pink capitalism to reclaim pink’s power

Photo of pink things

Artists such as Nicki Minaj are redefining pink as more than just an aesthetic; it’s a rebellion for equality.

— Amrita Bhasin

Beneath my sheets: Benders, casual sex and my validation

I went on a bit of a bender — increasing my body count from two to 20 — from August to October; funnily enough, however, I’ve never really been the most traditionally sexual person.

— Stella Kotik

What girl boss feminism leaves out of the narrative

Photo of a someone at a desk working on their laptop

As I’ve started my own fintech startup and interacted with founders and venture capitalists, I’ve begun to question the movement for girlboss feminism.

— Amrita Bhasin


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FEBRUARY 11, 2022