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New Year 2022: Navigating the new year

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JANUARY 27, 2022

Following what has felt like a series of monotonous months coupled with unending trials and tribulations, we have finally reached the end — or beginning — of our chaotic, trashy saga: 2022. The fresh start we’ve all awaited, this new year inauguration, is littered with residual anxieties and reservations, a byproduct of the last three years no doubt. Even with the hardships, we continue to look forward with as much enthusiasm as we can muster, finding courage in new movies, spring sports, potluck recipes and, of course, astrology predictions.

Whether your resolutions for the new year involve finding peace in the great outdoors, getting down and dirty in local politics or investing in cryptocurrency, 2022 is sure to be just as wild as the years previous. Here’s to the advent of the next 12 months; may they offer us new opportunities, new adventures, new beginnings and, most importantly, the chance to leave the past where it belongs — down in the dumps.

CA swept by large wave of ‘unprecedented’ recalls in 2021

photo of a ballot

California stands out not only for its allowance of both local and statewide recall movements, but also for the frequency with which they occur.

— Sebastian Cahill

Ready to reap what I sowed

When the world was first told to shove itself into isolation, nature exhaled a deep sigh for the first time in a while.

— Adriana Temprano

‘Omicron got nothing on us’: Movies to watch for in 2022

After living through a pandemic for nearly two years, I’ve gotten used to binge-watching an unprecedented number of movies.

— Aryia Dattamajumdar

5 New Year’s resolutions to help improve your 2022

photo of person drinking water and readingHere are five eclectic resolutions for 2022 — where we may prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

— Jasper Kenzo Sundeen

Keeping faith during troubled times

One of the core tenets of Buddhism that temple sermons have focused on recently is impermanence.

— Saya Abney

A playlist to reflect, reimagine the new year

Illustration of a girl listening to music happily as a colourful breeze passes her by.Although the new year may not be unfolding how you expected, this playlist will inspire you to reflect on the passing year and enter 2022 with a fresh, eager perspective.

— Ellie Kim

Just keep walking forward

Karissa Ho mug

This is how I find stability, which feels like diaphanous sunlight on my face and softly crinkling leaves underfoot and a chilly breeze pushed in from the water.

— Karissa Ho

Cal sports teams poised to make a splash in spring

Photo composite of swimming, gymnastics, and basketball

As flowers bloom and bears awake from hibernation, the vernal equinox ushers in a new year — one that features a fresh slate of Cal sports.

— Ryan Chien

5 ways to reduce stress this semester

Photo of a journal and a penAs we go into another year (and semester), it’s more important than ever to develop healthy habits that allow you to keep your mental health in check.

— Izza Ahmed

Rethinking your social media use

photo of a phone

If you’re someone who spends hours aimlessly swiping on TikTok or scrolling through Twitter, a social media cleanse might be the one for you!

— Amber Soto

Recipes for your 1st potluck of 2022

Infographic about potluck recipes

Whether you choose to try one or all, these recipes will help prepare you for your first potluck with confidence and ease!

— Flora Huynh

Shaking off the New Year’s blues

If I discover my ideals and stay true to them in my work and our study, I’ll be able to look back on myself each new year and know that, no matter what, I worked for something worthwhile.

— Maria Richards

Looking to the stars: Astrological advice to guide your 2022

Illustration of numerous astrological constellations surrounding a large constellation that reads "2022".

While we may not be able to predict every detail of the future, it can’t hurt to look toward the stars to see what the upcoming year has in store for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

— Stella Kotik

Sunrise to sunset: A new way to embark on resolutions

But until people realize that the changing of a calendar will not transform their life, their attitudes and routines will stay the same.

— Alisa Steel

2022: The Web3 revolution

photo of a Bitcoin ATM

Web3 is about democratizing access to finance but also to everything else such as art, land and infrastructure.

— Amrita Bhasin


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JANUARY 29, 2022