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Quiz: What is your signature fall candle scent?

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OCTOBER 20, 2021

We are amid both spooky season and Christian Girl Autumn season and that can only mean one thing — it’s time to pick out the perfect candle scent. Whether you’re excited for breathtaking changes in the natural scenery, festive celebrations or seasonal foods, there is a fall scent for you. Which candle suits you best? This quiz will help you decide on your signature fall candle. 


  1. Breakfast — the most important meal of the day! What are you eating?
    1. Bacon and eggs
    2. Nothing, just coffee 
    3. Cereal
    4. French toast
  2. What is your staple fall clothing?
    1. Flannels
    2. Sweaters
    3. Beanies
    4. Fuzzy socks 
  3. What’s your favorite aspect of the autumn season?
    1. Autumn leaves 
    2. Colder weather 
    3. Ciders, pies and lattes
    4. Cozy blankets 
  4. Which campus cafe are you studying at?
    1. Pat Brown’s
    2. Yali’s
    3. Free Speech Movement
    4. V&A
  5. Time for a weekend break! Which current show are you binging? 
    1. What If..?
    2. You
    3. Squid Game 
    4. Only Murders in the Building
  6. Which Trader Joe’s fall snack are you eating while watching the show?
    1. Rustic Apple Tarte
    2. Spooky Bats & Cats Sour Gummy Candies
    3. Fall Leaf Tortilla Chips with Fall Harvest Salsa 
    4. Pumpkin-spice Teeny Tiny Pretzels
  7. Which fall theme are you decorating with? 
    1. Foodie: candy, roasts, potatoes! 
    2. Spooky: ghosts, skeletons, haunts!
    3. Rustic: crates, frames, pumpkins! 
    4. Cozy: knit throws, candles, fairy lights! 
    1. Oktoberfest. You’re ready to liven up the mood and party with this Oktoberfest candle. This candle brings the festivities to the season in this blend of pumpkin, hops, spices and a hint of cedar. Whether you’re looking forward to a camping trip with friends or watching a show at home together, you’re bound to cheerfully welcome in the new season. 
    2. Pumpkin Patch Treats. Sweet with a hint of earthy spices, this candle brings the pumpkin patch to you. Halloween is your holiday. You’ve prepared the best decorations and treats for your party and this candle will be the perfect final touch to capturing that spooky yet welcoming atmosphere. Now you can reminisce about picking the perfect pumpkin and carving your jack-o-lanterns. 
    3. Mahogany Teakwood. You’re not all that into the seasonal scenery nor the foods fall has to offer, but you appreciate the change from the sunny summer. Blended with mahogany, teakwood, oak and lavender, Mahogany Teakwood is a light natural scent that refreshes the room without imposing. You can celebrate fall without screaming pumpkins and ghosts. 
    4. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. For you, fall is about cozying up on the couch with a warm blanket, a good movie and hot tea. You’re looking forward to a restful break. This candle’s scent of sweet and sugary syrup waffle with pumpkin spice delivers on those homey vibes you’re looking for. 


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OCTOBER 20, 2021