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15 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers (Instant and Safe)

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OCTOBER 06, 2021

SoundCloud, the most popular music streaming platform globally, attracts more than two million people every day. As of 2019, the platform had 76 million registered users and 20 million creators who shared music. 

With such a large user base and lots of content being churned out every second, it’s challenging for artists to reach out to a wide audience. The reality of modern digital platforms is that numbers attract followers. 

The more views, plays, likes, and followers an artist has, the more likely they will attract followers. Conversely, when your music has a handful of plays, users won’t feel motivated to play it.

Luckily, numerous sites have been developed to help content creators buy SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes. The plays boost an artist’s organic growth, thus enhancing real engagement. 

However, finding the best company for the job can be daunting, with many websites promising quick results. We have compiled a list of 15 websites to help you in your search.



Stormlikes is the best site to buy SoundCloud plays. It started as an Instagram liking service providing clients with likes from genuine people. Later, the company began providing SoundCloud plays to musicians who wanted to increase engagement on their SoundCloud profiles.

What sets Stormlikes apart from other brands is the quality of engagement it attracts. While most other brands excite clients with marketing gimmicks, Stormlikes stays true to all its promises. Here are some features that stand out:

  • Service delivery as soon as you order
  • Real likes
  • Location targeting: This feature makes Stormlikes the best site to buy Soundcloud followers because it can target specific locations on behalf of the client. For example, if most of your followers live in the same place, the website can focus its efforts on the area to get as many plays.
  • Gender targeting: This is another feature that makes Stormlikes the best site to buy Soundcloud plays. Similar to location targeting, the website can also focus its engagement campaign on a specific gender.



Ranked among top-rated social media marketing service providers, SocialPackages.net is just what you need to increase your followers and plays on SoundCloud. 

The platform provides an authentic audience which increases engagement in a matter of days. In addition, the website ensures no automated bots are creating fake profiles to spam your SoundCloud account. 

Apart from managing your SoundCloud account, SocialPackages.net also manages other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube.

Its SoundCloud plans are similar to most sites, with the least valued at $6 for 1,000 plays and the premium one priced at $89 for 20,000 plays. You should notice results in 1–2 days as your music begins to attract plays from real accounts. 

Pro tip: Buy plays in small amounts until your music begins to attract organic growth. This means if you have a few hundred followers, purchase the least package and subscribe to higher plans as you get more plays.


Having a third party to help you grow a following is critical in such a competitive site as SoundCloud. GetViral is one handy website to help you attract SoundCloud followers organically. With more than seven years of experience, GetViral boasts an extensive clientele, and most of them are returning clients.

Its landing page displays a message about Instagram growth and options for users to grow a following for their YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Unlike other third-party service providers that use spam accounts, GetViral guarantees organic engagement. You should notice the growth within 24–72 hours of buying a plan.

You’ll also appreciate that GetViral hardly stores the user’s data which means third parties can’t monitor your activity on SoundCloud once you log out. 

What stands out about GetViral is its dedicated customer support platform. Users can talk to customer representatives at any time, and their issues are addressed promptly.


SocialPros.io is one of the best and most reputable sites for growing SoundCloud following. It shows exceptional commitment to providing satisfactory results hence its vast number of users who comprise return clients. This isn’t a small feat.

SocialPros.io cites that it focuses on maintaining a great rapport with clients, which culminates into long-term relationships. The website is a one-stop shop for artists who want to buy Soundcloud followers, plays, and likes. Here’s a breakdown of its plans:

SoundCloud Plays

  • Basic plan: $6 for 1,000 SoundCloud plays
  •  Mid-range plan: $12 for 2,000 SoundCloud plays
  • Higher plan: $30 for 5,000 SoundCloud plays
  • Premium plans: $50 for 10,000 SoundCloud plays, $89 for 20,000 sound cloud plays

SoundCloud Likes

  • Basic plan: $10 for 250 SoundCloud likes
  • Medium plan: $15 for 500 SoundCloud likes
  • Premium plan: $25 for 1,000 SoundCloud likes
  • Other plans: $49 for 2,500 likes, $85 for 5,000 likes

SoundCloud Followers

  • Basic plan: $18 for 500 followers

While SocialPros.io promises a delivery time of 1–2 days, we noticed growth is somewhat gradual. Another feature that makes this website stand out is its commitment to keeping clients’ information secure.

Clients only submit the information required to deliver the order, and the payment getaways are encrypted using modern technologies to prevent money loss.


Like its name, Fastlikes is a platform that will help you grow a following and get more plays on your tracks on SoundCloud. Designed for both beginners and professionals, the website guarantees an active engagement and high-quality followers after subscription. 

The company does it by conducting premium quality promotions that amplify your play count on SoundCloud. In addition, it plays your tracks on a global scale, making them recognizable worldwide. 

What stands out about Fastlikes is its responsive customer support platform. The customer care representatives are committed to assisting customers whenever they get stuck, and its FAQ section is pretty handy as it addresses the most common questions.

We also loved Fastlikes’ visible plans featured on one of its web pages. The company provides four SoundCloud packages, namely:

  •  Basic plan: $6 for 1,000 Soundcloud plays with a refill guarantee
  • Medium plan: $12 for 2,000 Soundcloud plays
  • Premium plan: $30 for 5,000 Soundcloud plays, 24/7 customer support, worldwide exposure
  • Other plans: $50 for 10,000 Soundcloud plays, $89 for 20,000 SoundCloud plays

Note the company provides an organic following and an active engagement on your SoundCloud account, but the followers aren’t always from your target audience. 


It’s another favorite site that promises highly authentic traffic to your SoundCloud tracks. Its promotion methods are safe, so you never have to worry about your account getting suspended or banned.

At the same time, Viralyft is cautious not to use bots to gain SoundCloud plays which can compromise the quality of your profile.

Such techniques only increase the traffic for a while without offering solid support. And any musician will tell you occasional one-off traffic spikes can be detrimental to your career.

The essence of using third-party sites like Viralyft is to garner a following you can interact with and who share a genuine interest in your content.

With such a following, it’s easy to request your followers to promote your content by word-of-mouth and on other platforms like Spotify.

Viralyft also has 24/7 customer support, allowing you to contact the company anytime in case of problems with your order. The company has a lead time of 1–3 days.


Although many third-party websites are regarded as scams, you can still find legit websites that guarantee real results.

ViewsExpert is one such website that boasts a vast network as it works with many social media accounts. It works with a team of qualified marketers who understand how to enhance visibility. 

You only need to subscribe to one of its packages, provide the URL to the song or content that needs promotion and leave the rest to ViewsExpert.

Once the experts receive your order, they create a strong campaign through other music creators and a network of influencers. ViewsExpert also has a network of websites and bloggers who can post new music to increase visibility.

All such efforts expose your content to many people, which helps you achieve your goal pretty fast. The website provides a range of plans with price ranges of $5.50–$88, offering 1,000–20,000 plays.


It’s another top-rated provider of social media marketing services. With more than ten years of experience, FollowerPackages cites that it has delivered over two million real SoundCloud plays and likes since its inception.

Apart from increasing the visibility of your content on SoundCloud, the company promotes it on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

What’s more, it employs premium plays from real, active users on SoundCloud, promoting the safety of your content.

This means you’ll hardly violate guidelines laid down by SoundCloud. You should notice results after 3–4 days of subscribing to one of its four plans:

  • Basic plan: $10 for 1,000 plays
  • Medium plan: $19 for 5,000 plays
  • Premium plan: $35 for 10,000 plays
  • High plans: $55 for 20,000 plays and a one-time payment policy


Do Music Promotion

As the name suggests, the company promotes music on different platforms. Since its inception in 2017, Do My Promotion has delivered many plays worldwide.

Its services are primarily designed for new artists starting on their music careers by offering affordable packages. 

The basic plan costs $3 and offers up to 1,000 plays. It’s 100% safe and guarantees the privacy of all your activity on SoundCloud. Artists looking for more plays can subscribe to pro plans that offer 3,000–4,000 plays or the gold plan for 10,000 plays within 36 hours.

Premium plans offer more 100 SoundCloud plays ranging from 20,000-150,000. The company also has excellent customer support allowing users to launch complaints on the web and get responses within minutes.


The company has loads of experience managing social media pages, earning its trust and credibility among customers. Those who have worked with them leave glowing reviews praising Famups for its professionalism and expertise in their work. 

Therefore, the claims that they use real marketing tactics to garner quality plays that are 100% risk-free are true. We also noted their promptness in service delivery after subscribing.

You get more plays within minutes of paying for a plan. The company also offers refunds in case it fails to deliver. And if you experience problems, you can contact their customer representatives via the live chat option, write an email, or fill out the contact us form. 


With close to 500,000–1 million people visiting SoundCloud every day, artists must look for websites that enhance the visibility of their content.

StreamDigic is one such website. It increases the visibility of your video, audio, and graphics through its audience on various social media platforms.

Apart from increasing SoundCloud plays cheap, StreamDigic adds the number of likes, comments, and followers on your tracks by targeting three or four categories of music downloads and promoting it in a systematic way that yields results. What sets StreamDigic apart from other plans is its affordable plans:

  • Basic plan: $2.50 for 500 SoundCloud plays  
  • Medium plan: $3.90 for 4000 SoundCloud plays
  • Premium plan: $8.90 for 5,000 plays
  • Other plans: $24.90 for 20,000 plays, $74.90 for 100,000 plays



Established in 2011, RedSocial is one of the oldest companies in this field. It has acquired significant experience over the years and served many clients who have become returning customers. 

Apart from SoundCloud plays, the company offers close to 50 services on various social media platforms. What’s more, the company doesn’t just increase engagement; it also helps improve the volume of traffic to an artist’s profile.

The company also allows musicians to participate in the marketing campaign, allowing them to customize some features to suit their requirements.


Its primary focus is on increasing engagement with SoundCloud and Spotify. Its services are designed for artists streaming music on these platforms to help them raise awareness about their music.

The information you provide remains confidential, so you’re certain your content is safe from malicious use. PlaysWiz plans are incredibly flexible, allowing customers working with a budget as low as $2.90 to build an engagement.

Media Mister

Media Mister is a reasonably new company in the market, but it has become a household name within a short period.

What makes the company stand out is its commitment to transparency. Media Mister provides timely audits to customers to ensure they understand how the company uses their money. 

This feature makes the company credible and has increased the number of customers using its services. Also, Media Mister is devoted to generating authentic traffic to your site by eliminating spam bots. This means the SoundCloud plays, likes, and comments you get are from real people.

Build My Plays

As the name suggests, the company builds an artist’s SoundCloud profile by increasing followers, comments, and plays.

The progress is somewhat slow because they emphasize developing a loyal following that can like and play your tracks. This method also ensures an artist gets likes from real people, not bots. 


Apart From Using Third-Party Websites, How Else Can You Increase SoundCloud Plays?

Artists, podcasters, and other content creators shouldn’t rely on third-party sites alone to increase engagement. We can’t overlook the impact great music has on the platform. This aspect is critical for great artists and upcoming ones alike. 

Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays if I Have Great Music?

Yes, it would help if you bought plays. Once you upload music on SoundCloud, it has zero engagement, and unless you get plays, fans won’t know about it. One way to create engagement is by buying plays.

Can Email Marketing Increase Engagement on SoundCloud?

Email marketing is another way of promoting tracks because the artist can send content to people they know. Also, email marketing helps you reach people of different demographics.

How can Artists Take Advantage of the Existing Audience to Promote Content on SoundCloud?

Musicians can take advantage of the loyal following they already have by asking them to share tracks with their friends and followers. Looking for a website that allows you to share music comes in handy.

Can Buying SoundCloud Followers Compromise Your Account?

While several scams have been reported of artists buying fake followers, it’s safe to buy followers as long as you’re dealing with an authentic service provider.

How Do I Know Bought SoundCloud Plays are Real?

Buying plays from an authentic service provider is a guarantee that you have real SoundCloud plays.

Are Bought SoundCloud Plays Permanent?

It depends on the plan one has subscribed to. Whether you subscribe to a monthly or annual plan, you must renew it to continue enjoying the benefits.

Can I Lose SoundCloud Likes and Plays?

Yes, if you buy them from an unreliable service provider. It’s important to choose a reputable vendor committed to providing customer support in case of such problems.

Can I Promote More than one Soundtrack at a Time?

Yes, you can promote more than one track. Ask the service provider if they offer a multiple-track option.

Can I Buy SoundCloud plays from friends?

Yes, you can buy them from friends and even strangers. Service providers only use links to purchase plays. Here is the article for best ways to buy SoundCloud followers for better understanding before you make a decision.

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OCTOBER 11, 2021