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15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Real & Instant)

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Instagram has developed into a business arena from a mere photo-sharing platform. It is now a place to showcase and monetize your talent and innovative ideas. But making yourself known can be a daunting task. Sometimes we may need a bit of push to get things going. If you are looking for that “kick” that will help to grow your presence on Instagram, we have the solution for you. Here are the best sites from where you can buy Instagram likes and views. Check these out and let your content get the exposure they deserve. 

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes: Reviewed


Viralyft is one of the most popular brands in this industry where you can buy Instagram likes. They offer excellent service and users usually leave good reviews for them. They provide both followers and likes packages at a very nominal rate. You can get Instagram likes from them at as low as $2.99. 

Viralyft guarantees that all their packages are real and genuine and there is no risk in buying from them. They are proud to have a lot of established influencers and celebrities as their patrons. One of the perks of hiring Viralyft as your media service provider is that they will not ask for any passwords or sensitive information from you. They also deliver your order in less than 10 hours. 

Viralyft also provide round-the-clock customer support. They purchase all their customer’s grievances are promptly met with. They also have a strong refund policy. So you can be without worry that your money would not go to waste in case something goes wrong. Another merit in their profile is that they usually provide extra followers than what you pay for. This is to make sure you have enough backup in case you lose some followers. 


Another service provider in the Industry with expertise on Instagram is SocialPros. If you want to boost your business on Instagram, this is one of the best places to take help from. They provide packagers for buying Instagram likes, views, and followers. They supply authentic followers to their clients and guarantee help to gain social engagement on Instagram. 

Their customers have verified that there is no risk of cramming your account with fake or automated followers while using their service. SocialPros ensures all their likes and followers display a high retention rate. They also offer prompt delivery and responsive customer assistance. With services starting from $1.49, SocialPros is one of the cheapest spots to buy Instagram likes from.


GetViral.io is an online forum with expertise in social media management. It offers different kits to help you improve your likes in Instagram posts and boost your followers count. Apart from Instagram packages, they also offer services for Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. You can also get special promotional offers from them occasionally.

They sell their services at a very affordable rate. You can get 500 likes for Instagram at just $6. Various corporations and influencers rely on GetViral’s services for their social media promotion. They supply 100% genuine likes from real followers. They are one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes from if you want to widen your audience.

One of the bonuses of GetViral’s services is that they also help in pushing your content to global Instagram users. They match profiles of real Instagram users with your content. If their interest aligns with your content, they would be able to enjoy your creations and connect with you organically.


If you prefer a social media management brand that offers convenient communication options, ViewsExpert is what you are looking for. They employ an efficient chatbot that can help you navigate through the website, select a suitable package and place the order. They have a very responsive customer support system that can help you with all your queries and doubts. 

ViewsExpert is one of the oldest service providers in the industry and has developed quite a massive network over the years. They understand the modus operandi of the business better than many other brands due to their extensive experience. It is one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes when it comes to the question of security. 

ViewsExpert offers different tools and resources that can help you to track the growth of your account. They assure that the likes delivered to you are fulfilled by genuine individuals and are not robot-generated.  can guarantee an instant boost to your social media presence. 


SocialPackages is one of the few websites that guarantee “drop cover” to their customers. This simply means they re-deliver the stipulated number of likes you asked for if you lose likes on your content within 30 days of the original delivery. This is one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes if you want to make the most of your investment.

Their service kits are available at an inexpensive rate that can suit all budgets. For example, their packages start from 100 likes for just $2.50 and you can go up to buy even 40,000 likes for $267. They have fast delivery options. You will receive your order within 24 hours after successful payment. SocialPackages also extends 24/7 customer-care support so that no queries and grievances go unanswered. 


FollowerPackages, by people’s choice, is one of the most trusted websites to buy Instagram likes from. They have been in the business for quite some time now and have mastered the art of social media services. They also provide amazing service packages that will fit any budget. They guarantee on-time delivery of their products. 

You can be sure to receive 100% real likes generated by actual Instagram users. They pledge that with their service, you would have no risk to fall under the security radar of Instagram. Though they only offer services for Instagram, FollowerPackages can make your content go viral overnight. They provide high-quality real-time followers to boost your social media presence.


FastLikes is one of the stalwarts in the industry of social media service providers. This company is one of the few websites, who collaborates with other websites to give each client what they deserve. Their packages are designed to suit a variety of needs. They consist of an enthusiastic group of people who are ever-ready to help people out. 

FastLikes do not ask their clients to provide any personal information. Their service and transactions are completely encrypted and schemed to keep customer’s security in mind.  Their packages start from $1.49 for 50 likes. The price can rise to $88.99 for 10000 likes. 


If you want to promote your Instagram account, InstaPromoteMe is one of the best service providers for you. They specialize in Instagram account management and sell packages of likes, views, Auto-likes, comments, and followers. You can also promote your content on Insta-stories and IGTV through their services. 

They have a network of about 50000 regular monthly customers and their trust can not go wrong. Their packages start from $2.99. InstaPromoteMe supplies true and real followers and makes sure their transactions are completely encrypted and safe. One of the perks of using their service is that they allow you to split the likes ordered on multiple posts. Their service would help you grow your account organically and gain real-time engagement on Instagram. 


Famoid is one of the few brands that offer you a free trial period before you purchase there services. If you like their services, you can buy Instagram likes, views, and followers from them with packages starting from $2.99. They have been in the industry for over five years and have developed strong patronage.

You can be sure to receive likes and views generated by real Instagram uses. There is no risk of flooding your account with bots or automated accounts. It is one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes if you want to gain real engagement on Instagram. 

Social Viral

Social Viral is one of the few all-rounder websites that provide services for various social media platforms.  Other than Instagram packages, Social Viral also sells resources for Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Spotify. Their website is pretty straightforward. So, if you are just a beginner, you would not have any problem placing an order with them. They also offer flexible packages. You can buy as little as many likes you require at a reasonable price. You can also buy comments, views, and followers from them. 

Their packages start from as low as $1.49 for 50 likes and go up to 10000 interactions for $69.99. If you are a school/college student, lacking funds, Viral Race can be the best place to take help to kick start your social media career. Their website also showcases insightful blogs so that you can enhance your knowledge about social media management. 


Stormlikes is one of the emerging companies that deliver high-quality and authentic followers and likes. They provide their clients with tailor-made service packages that best match their needs. Clients can also indicate if they want followers and likes from a particular country. Even the gender ratio can be pre-determined. This is particularly helpful in case your content targets a specific demographic or is gender-centric. 

However, Stormlikes only provides services for Instagram and has not yet taken up projects for other social media platforms. They are the best site to buy Instagram likes if you want your account growth to look more fluid and natural. They offer flexible payment options for client’s convenience. You can make a one-time payment using net banking facilities or credit cards and can also opt for monthly installment plans. 

If you have multiple business accounts and want growth packages for all, you can even fetch some lucrative discounts from Stormlikes. Stormlikes, however, does not sell comments. They offer very responsive customer support to handle queries and complaints. With their active service, you can expect your orders to be delivered instantly.  


If you have multiple accounts on different social media platforms, GetRealBoost can be your one-stop go-to place. Apart from selling Instagram likes and followers, this website offers packages for platforms like Facebook and YouTube. You can also buy SoundCloud plays from them if you are into music. 

You need to provide your social media details to them and they would see to a fluid growth of your accounts. Their packages start as low as $2.5. With their quick delivery options, your social network will experience a quick boost. If you are a beginner and have just started your journey on Instagram, GetRealBoost can be your best friend. They will bring authentic traffic to your account and help you gain engagement on Instagram. 


Mr.Insta is one of the premium social media service providers that has become quite popular in the industry. Besides lucrative packages for Instagram, they also offer services for boosting your account on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms. They supply high-quality likes and views from real Instagram users that would help your content go ‘viral’ in no time. 

Their packages start from $6 for 100 Instagram likes and come with a refill guarantee too. They deliver packages within 24 hours of successful placement of order. One of the best policies of Mr.Insta is that they can help you to improve the search ranking of your content. This way, they help you to strengthen your social media presence and gain real-time engagement. 


PlentyGram is another top website that specializes in providing Instagram services. They provide packages for TikTok too. If you are new to the concept of social media services, PlentyGram can be the best site to buy Instagram likes. They have the most user-friendly interface that will help you to navigate through the website smoothly. 

PlentyGram also offers several payment options. They even have options to pay via cryptocurrencies too. Their responsive and friendly customer service ensures that all your queries are resolved with promptness. They deliver their orders within 12 hours. You can also subscribe to their packages with monthly installments.  


No one can beat Buzzoids when it comes to delivery time. Buzzoids is the best site to buy Instagram likes when you want an instant raise in the likes on your content. They offer you to choose from different delivery speeds like Gradual and Instant. They pledge to supply likes from actual individuals that will help you to reach an extensive audience.  

Buzzoids only specializes in Instagram services and does not provide packages for other social media platforms. They offer Instagram likes starting from $1.47. You can also buy Instagram premium likes from them at a nominal rate of $3.47. They offer likes/follower replenishment every 24 hours whenever they detect a drop in your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the best website to buy Instagram followers?

We have provided a comprehensive list of the 15 best websites to buy Instagram likes and followers. All of these are validated as authentic and safe and they provide genuine Instagram followers. Viralyft is one of the most popular websites to buy Instagram followers. They offer packages at a very nominal rate and also provide several lucrative perks. You can also check out other websites like Krootez, Friendlylikes, and CheapIGFollowers. There are 

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes and followers?

There is a lot of controversy regarding buying Instagram likes from third-party websites. Though most people prefer organically growing their Instagram account, buying Likes and Followers is also done. If you buy Instagram likes from an authentic website, they will ensure that your profile does not face any glitch. There will be no obstacle with the security detection system of Instagram. 

What are the benefits of buying Instagram likes?

There are several advantages if you choose to buy Instagram likes and followers from an authentic website.

  • It will give your account an instant boost and improve its visibility. 
  • More followers bring more credibility to your name. You would be able to rank higher than your competitors. 
  • Digital marketing service providers can give you genuine followers at an affordable rate.
  • You would have to spend less time and effort in building up your account. Instead, you will be able to focus on creating quality content.

What are the drawbacks of buying Instagram likes?

As nothing comes without a drawback, buying Instagram likes also has a few shortcomings.

  • There are a lot of scams in this industry and they are hard to detect. If you do not do proper research you may fall prey to some scam. 
  • Buying from phony websites may pose you with the risk of receiving a ban from Instagram. 
  • Only buying Instagram likes will not be sufficient for you. Too many likes but a few comments and followers will seem abnormal. You would have to buy likes, comments, and followers to earn credibility. This can be quite expensive. 

Is Viralyft an authentic site to buy real Instagram likes?

Yes, Viralyft is undoubtedly an authentic site that provides real and genuine Instagram followers and likes. It has been tested and verified by thousands of users. They have been validated by their customers that there is no risk of receiving a ban if you buy Instagram likes and followers from Viralyft. It is absolutely legit and safe!

Does buying Instagram likes really work?

Yes! It does work. All you have to do is find a trustworthy website to buy real Instagram likes and followers. There is a huge industry behind this concept that would not have been developed if it didn’t work. You would be amazed to know how many established influencers and celebrities take the help of this system to make their online presence stronger. They follow standard policies to help you to compete and rise in your field. 

What payment options are available while buying Instagram Likes?

Reputed companies that provide social media services usually offer several payment options. They ensure their clients receive flexible choices. You can use net banking, pay through visa and credit cards, or Paypal. Some websites also allow payment via bitcoins. All their payment portals are encrypted so that you would not have to worry about your information getting hacked. 

What should I look out for before I buy Instagram likes?

There are a few factors you need to consider before you purchase from any service-providing website. 

  • You can read articles online to get an idea of the genuine companies and their services they provide.
  • Look for the packages and prices the brand offers. Compare it with other brands. 
  • Most brands offer free trials. Make sure you use one before making payment. You would be able to understand how the brand works and whether they fulfill their commitment. 
  • Pay attention to their payment methods and refund policy too.   

What happens if I reach 1K followers on Instagram?

When you reach 1K followers on Instagram, it reflects the growth of your account. It means your audiences are enjoying the content you share. Achieving 1000 followers will open up a lot of monetization opportunities for you. Growing at that rate will ensure you a way to earn money from Instagram.


With the rise of the popularity of Instagram, several websites have emerged with promises to boost their client’s social media exposure. For a newbie, it often becomes difficult to judge which website is a scam and which one should trust. 

To make things convenient for you, we have reviewed the list of best websites to buy real Instagram likes from. All of these sites are trusted by thousands of people. So, if you want to get your career started on Instagram, do check out their services. We are sure you will find one suiting your requirements.


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SEPTEMBER 21, 2021