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Quiz: Which outdoor activity should you try once and forget about forever?

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DECEMBER 03, 2020

Have you seen the TikTok videos of people effortlessly gliding around the streets on roller skates? Or a video of someone traveling to class on a pogo stick? Seeing things like these makes me want to drop my phone and invest an unhealthy amount of time, money and energy into becoming a pro at these activities. However, what usually happens is I try it out for a week or two, get upset that I’m not a master yet and end up quitting. Take this quiz to find out which outdoor activity you should try once and then quit forever!


  1. Do you like swimming?
    1. Yes, I’m practically a fish!
    2. Eh, I like to stick my feet in the water, but I don’t love swimming in it.
    3. I have a fear of drowning.
    4. I love the pool, but you won’t catch me swimming in the ocean where fish pee, gross!
  2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    1. I don’t like labels.
    2. People are draining; I love to be alone.
    3. If I’m not around people, I have no energy.
    4. Call me an ambivert; I’m a quite balanced person.
  3. Do you prefer a relaxing day inside or a weekend filled with outdoor adventure?
    1. I have memorized the number of cracks on my walls, so no, I don’t like going outside.
    2. If I don’t go outside, I feel like I wasted the day.
    3. I go on a hike every now and then, but I generally prefer a cozy night in.
    4. If I’m not out in nature as often as I want to be, I feel pretty bummed out. 
  4. Would you describe yourself as athletic?
    1. Maybe in high school, but definitely not now.
    2. Heck yeah! I bench-press 200 pounds every day.
    3. I’m OK — I can run for a bit, but I definitely don’t like it.
    4. I’ve never described myself as an athletic person — yikes.
  5. What’s the longest you’ve stuck with a hobby?
    1. It’s been nine years since I fell in love with underwater basket weaving.
    2. Hobbies? I didn’t know people actually keep up with those. 
    3. I’m so fickle I have a new hobby every week.
    4. I’m still into the things my parents forced me to do when I was a kid. 
  6. Which quarantine trend did you hop on?
    1. I made TikTok whipped coffee every day for a month straight. 
    2. I perfected my ability to bake sourdough bread.
    3. I’m not sure how it happened, but half of my clothes ended up tie-dyed with bleach.
    4. I spent a good while every night working on puzzles.
    1. You should try roller-skating! You seem like you want to glide like a penguin, but you’re not quite ready to take your training wheels off yet. This is the perfect activity because the four wheels are arranged on the skates in a way that makes it somewhat easier to balance. You might get the hang of it, but it takes a lot of effort, perfect for a one-time excursion! Don’t forget to bend your knees and keep your receipt!
    2. You should try pogo-sticking! You seem like the type of person who prefers jumping to walking, as you should. Unfortunately, you might realize it’s not practical to use your pogo stick to go everywhere. It also gets repetitive after a while, unless you learn how to move forward without falling over! 
    3. You should try unicycling! You were meant not to travel on two legs but to slither around the city on one wheel. However, you’ll soon discover this is a difficult task if you have bad balance and are scared of falling. But at least you’ll be able to say you tried!
    4. You should try skateboarding! Once you get over the fear of the veteran skater boys judging you at the skate park, you should get a skateboard and learn how to do a kickflip or keep your balance without being afraid of falling off. After many attempts at trying to land a kickflip, you might get so frustrated that you break your skateboard and vow never to return to the sport again. I’m totally not speaking from experience here.


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DECEMBER 03, 2020