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Vote Joe Biden for US president

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OCTOBER 29, 2020

No one is surprised that The Daily Californian is endorsing the Democratic ticket of former vice president Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. But their election at this unprecedentedly chaotic juncture is of the utmost importance for the preservation of American democracy.

Incumbent President Donald Trump has acted as an authoritarian, and over the last four years he has harshly eroded the public’s trust in institutions, as well as the trust between Americans from different backgrounds. As the leader of our country, this pattern is not just embarrassing on the global stage — it is dangerous.

For simple decency and dignity’s sake, the editorial board endorses Biden for president. Biden’s policies are not perfect; they are moderately crafted to appeal to the Democratic base, progressives that feel they have no other option and conservative voters disillusioned by Trump’s performance. And yet, Biden and Harris are the United States’ best bet. 

Using his environmental goals as an example, Biden’s platform is the most progressive in American history. Although it does incorporate fracking, Biden’s plan is heavily influenced by Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal, and it also promises to rejoin the Paris Agreement. This is a striking contrast to the actions of the Trump administration, which has rolled back almost 100 environmental rules and regulations.

In this arena and many others, Trump is thinking for short-term economic growth; Biden is thinking for the future. Trump’s slow response to COVID-19 exemplifies this, resulting in tens of thousands of avoidable deaths. And under his leadership, cases have only mounted.

Trump has further polarized American politics, and he has accelerated the tiring, tumultuous, misinformation-ridden news cycle to the point where his impeachment has become a long-forgotten memory irrelevant to his reelection.

From Trump’s presidency, the United States has learned that it must hold its elected leaders accountable. This is not the leader we want to represent us; Trump’s America is not the country we want to live in.

Vote Joe Biden for president.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the fall 2020 opinion editor, Katherine Shok.

OCTOBER 29, 2020