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Quiz: What Halloween group costume best suits you and your friends?

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OCTOBER 29, 2020

Halloween can be a super fun time to connect with friends through costume! Even though Halloween may look a little different this year, dressing up with your friends is still a great way to channel the spooky spirit. You can plan a Zoom or socially distanced celebration during which you can get together with your spooky or funny costumes. In a group, it can be hard to decide on a costume that everyone likes, thinks is funny and will actually put time into. If you’ve yet to decide on a costume, try our quiz instead of fighting with your friends. Take this quiz to feel a little more connected to your faraway pals with whom you can’t celebrate Halloween, and see if your ideas about a group costume are compatible. 


  1. What’s your favorite Halloween activity to do with your friends?
    1. Eating all the candy that’s been set out for trick-or-treaters …
    2. Spending hours crafting pumpkins.
    3. Pulling pranks and scaring people!
    4. Watching a spooky Halloween movie, duh.
  2. Which Halloween creature would be a part of your friend group?
    1. Ghoul
    2. Black cat
    3. Vampire
    4. Skeleton
  3. How will you greet your friend on Halloween?
    1. Trick or treat!
    2. Witching you a happy Halloween!
    3. Keep it spooky.
    4. Hey, boo!
  4. What’s your favorite spooky snack?
    1. Mummy hot dogs 
    2. Candy
    3. Candy apples
    4. Pumpkin seeds
  5. What’s the name of the ghost who haunts your friend group?
    1. Penelope the Phantom
    2. Greg the Ghost
    3. Spencer the Spirit
    4. Walter the Wraith
  6. What spooky prank would you pull on your friend?
    1. Pretending to be a ghost
    2. Jumping out and screaming, “Boo!”
    3. Hiding all their Halloween candy
    4. Prank calling them
    1. Dress as characters in your favorite show! This costume is super fun, but it takes a bit of commitment if you don’t want to just look like random unidentifiable people. Check out thrift stores, online shops and, of course, one another’s closets to find all the pieces you need for your costume. Because we can’t be with all our friends, watching movies and connecting over Teleparty is a great way to stay close. For this costume, don’t limit yourselves to dressing as the main characters. If you’re obsessed with the main character’s dog, why not think outside of the box?
    2. Dress up as one another! This costume is super easy and very funny, especially if your friends have unique senses of style or have iconic articles of clothing. If you live with your friends or can safely trade clothing, you can use your friend’s clothes to dress up. Otherwise, you can buy new clothes and have a great way to match with them in the future! Don’t forget to really play up your costume on Halloween night by using phrases they use and participating in activities they like.
    3. Wear animal onesies! If your friend group is wild, why not all dress as animals and create your own little friendship zoo? Going the onesie route is always funny and very comfy, but it also can be a bit expensive and requires having enough time to order your costume. You could always try do-it-yourself animal costumes if your friends can’t get it together in time to buy a comfy animal outfit.
    4. Dress as parts of the UC Berkeley campus! We all miss being on campus right now, and dressing as the place where you’ve made so many amazing friends is a great way to feel like you’re there. Well, sort of. You probably won’t be mistaken for the Campanile anytime soon, even if you are dressed as our favorite tower. Still, dressing up as memorable campus spots where you’ve spent time with friends will help bring you all back to those moments.


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OCTOBER 29, 2020