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Quiz: What should you do to beat the summer heat?

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AUGUST 21, 2020

When temperatures climb above 80 F in Berkeley, it sure does feel like a heat wave to everyone who’s grown accustomed to foggy mornings and evenings that typically break up the heat. Those of us in the Bay Area have been experiencing a heat wave for the past week or so, with the forecast only predicting more high temperatures to come. If you’re like us at the Clog and wondering how in the world you’ll survive, this quiz is for you! Simply answer the questions below and we’ll tell you how you should beat the heat!


  1. How do you generally feel about warm weather?
    1. It makes me want to hop on the first flight to Antarctica.
    2. I absolutely love it!
    3. I never really care what temperature it is.
    4. I guess it’s OK, but only for short periods of time.
  2. Which summer water activity would you choose?
    1. Surfing all the way!
    2. I’m down for anything that involves a boat.
    3. Jet skiing has always seemed so cool!
    4. I’ll stick to hanging out on the side of the pool.
  3. What’s your go-to summer drink?
    1. Nothing says summer like fresh-squeezed lemonade.
    2. Iced coffee all the way!
    3. It’s not summer till I’ve had at least one milkshake.
    4. Iced tea does the trick for me.
  4. How hot are you at this moment?
    1. Hot? I’m freezing right now!
    2. I’m the perfect temperature.
    3. It’s getting a little warm for my taste.
    4. I’m about to rip my skin off!
  5. Which item would you go for at a backyard barbecue?
    1. Is this even a choice? Hamburger all the way!
    2. It’s not a barbecue unless I’m eating spare ribs.
    3. Something involving chicken is more my speed.
    4. I’ll have the veggie burger, please and thank you!
  6. What do you choose at the ice cream shop?
    1. Anything involving chocolate — the more the better.
    2. Nothing’s more refreshing than sorbet!
    3. I tend to stick more to the vanilla side of things.
    4. I’m happy as long as it’s ice cream.
    1. Simply embrace it! There’s no stopping the heat wave, so your only choice is to embrace it! Now is the perfect time to get your hot yoga groove on, go for a hike or sneak a tanning session in. Just be sure you stay hydrated as you welcome the heat!
    2. Make the air conditioner your best friend! The best way for you to get around this heat wave is to park yourself near an air conditioner and stay there. Maybe this means sitting in your car or going out to buy an air conditioning unit — whatever you have to do to stay cool is worth it.
    3. Go swimming! Whether it’s in a pool (if you have access to one that’s open right now), a lake or the ocean, wherever you can access water is the place to be during this heat wave. Nothing’s more refreshing than jumping into some cold water!
    4. Eat your way out of it! Now’s the time to break open the watermelon, take a trip to the ice cream store and make some fresh lemonade. Whatever refreshing summer food you can get your hands on is the perfect way to beat the heat.


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AUGUST 21, 2020