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Quiz: Which UC Berkeley lecture hall should be your Zoom background?

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APRIL 24, 2020

Lecture halls are a critical part of our lives at school and are where we spend most of our time whenever we’re on campus. Now that we’re at home, however, getting those campus vibes during lecture is difficult. To make it feel like you’re still at school, switch your Zoom background to a photo of a lecture hall! Take this quiz to find out the right lecture hall for your background.


  1. What is your favorite part of campus?
    1. The College of Natural Resources is so pretty!
    2. Moffitt is dark and despaired, like my soul.
    3. I love how modern the College of Engineering is.
    4. I like rolling in the grass on Memorial Glade!
  2. What type of architecture do you like?
    1. Gothic
    2. Modern
    3. Postmodern
    4. Neoclassical
  3. What’s your favorite boba place on campus?
    1. The one that’s hidden in Cory Hall
    2. I’m basic — just take me to the RareTea on Bancroft.
    3. U-Cha is the best and always will be.
    4. Happy Lemon makes me happy.
  4. Favorite kind of TikTok?
    1. Dance routine challenges
    2. Doggos are the best (though cats will do too).
    3. Lip-syncing to memes is weirdly entertaining.
    4. Watching yoga fails is the only thing keeping me happy.
  5. Have you seen Oski in person?
    1. I swear he’s a myth! He’s never around 🙁
    2. From a distance, at a football game
    3. He keeps cropping up — it feels like he follows me.
    4. Of course, I even have a photo with him!
  6. Who’s your favorite person on campus?
    1. Carol Christ
    2. Marc Fisher
    3. Anant Sahai
    4. Alexander Paulin
    1. Pimentel — It’s dark, spacious and remote!
    2. Stanley 105 — Yali’s is right next door, perfect for all your (virtual) coffee needs!
    3. Chan Shun Auditorium — It’s big enough that you’ll feel just like you’re at school, perfect!
    4. Li Ka Shing 245 — It’s dimly lit, but with the perfect acoustics to scream into the void.


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APRIL 24, 2020