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Bear-y good food and drink spots to try around the UC Berkeley campus

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APRIL 18, 2020

Whether you’re a continuing student or an incoming freshman or transfer, there is always something new to eat or drink around the perimeter of campus. Here are some classic food and drink staples that UC Berkeley students can’t live without.

Bagels at Yali’s Stanley Hall Café

Located at the very top of the northeast side of campus, Yali’s is a glorious lunch treasure within Stanley Hall. Not only are the bagels delivered fresh by a local bakery, but they’re also a good bang for your buck! With the choices of plain, poppy, everything, whole wheat and sesame bagels as well as a variety of spreads and toppings, you can truly make any bagel your own. My go-to has to be an everything bagel with cream cheese and jelly. If you do decide to make that hike up to Yali’s, be sure to go earlier in the day since it tends to sell out. Also, there’s usually a line out the door, but it moves quickly and efficiently thanks to the dedicated students and community staff members behind the counter. It’s worth it.

Iced latte or iced mocha with oat milk at 1951 Coffee Company in the ASUC Student Union 

If you’re a big coffee lover, 1951 will be your vice for the year. While the drip coffee is delicious, the real cherry on top is the type of ice that this particular location uses — it’s crunchy, broken and truly unmatched. If you have a sweet tooth, the iced mocha has a bold chocolate flavor with hints of espresso that will keep you awake all day. You can also try the iced latte, which is less sweet but just as creamy and delicious. My go-to is the iced mocha with an extra shot — I like a little less chocolate flavoring and more of a caffeine kick. Make sure to bring your own cup and straw to help the environment and to avoid a compostable cup fee! Lines are usually short; I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes here. Since this spot is located inside the ASUC Student Union on Bancroft Avenue and Telegraph Avenue, it’s extremely convenient if you’re near Dwinelle, Sproul, Barrows or Wheeler Halls.

Pad See Ew at Thai Basil Cuisine

Located inside Durant Food Court, this Thai food makes the perfect treat for your post-midterm celebratory feast. Not only does Thai Basil offer extremely fast service and affordable food, but it’s also located two minutes from campus —  a great place to stop by if you’re heading home and live anywhere on Southside. Make sure to bring cash and order ahead of time to skip the line! It does get pretty busy, especially after noon, but I promise your fried noodles will exceed your expectations.

Breakfast burritos at Northside Cafe 

This sunny café is located on the corner of Hearst Avenue and Euclid Avenue in front of North Gate. This is the perfect brunch spot if you’re looking for something filling and savory. The breakfast wrap with bacon also has scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, potatoes and salsa. Share it with a friend, or keep it to yourself and save the rest for later — that’s your own business.

There is always something new to try around campus. Venture outside of your comfort zone because you will never know what you’ll find — maybe it will become your next favorite lunch, afternoon snack or dinner!

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APRIL 18, 2020