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Quiz: Which quarantiner are you?

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APRIL 06, 2020

We’re about three weeks into quarantine with probably many more to go. If you’re like me, you’ve gone slightly insane at this point, being trapped at home 24/7. Who knew being in quarantine would give us a new appreciation for school, work and the outdoors? We’re all dealing with this drastic change differently. Some of us have started exploring different hobbies like cooking and baking, while others are experimenting with exactly how many movies they can watch in a day. So, which quarantiner are you?


  1. How many times have you reached for your fridge or food cupboard today?
    1. Only once!
    2. More than two times!
    3. Uh, maybe four times? Five times? Ten times? I’ve honestly lost count.
    4. None — I’ve run out of snacks.
  2. On average, how many hours of sleep have you gotten per night since the start of quarantine?
    1. Less than six hours.
    2. Seven to nine hours.
    3. Like 12 hours per night, plus multiple naps throughout the day.
    4. More than 10 hours! I’ve been sleeping good.
  3. What is your go-to outfit right now?
    1. Some comfy yoga pants and a sweater!
    2. Jeans and a T-shirt.
    3. Something that screams “slob.”
    4. A nice top with sweats because I have Zoom calls all day.
  4. On a scale of 1-10, how behind are you on work and/or school?
    1. One! I like to stay on top of my work.
    2. Maybe like four or five?
    3. Like, close to 10. I am so behind on everything.
    4. Definitely at around 20. I haven’t attended a single Zoom lecture and I can’t even remember the last time I checked bCourses.
  5. What do you miss the most about life before quarantine?
    1. Honestly, just being able to go outside.
    2. Uh, life hasn’t changed much.
    3. Going out to eat!
    4. Making TikToks with my friends instead of by myself.
  6. What have you been binge-watching?
    1. “Love is Blind”
    2. “Tiger King”
    3. “Crash Landing on You”
    4. All of these!
    1. Netflixer! The most social interaction you’ve had today is Netflix asking you, “Are you still watching?” You’ve been spending your time binge-watching shows on Netflix and you only leave your bed to get food. You’re honestly living your best life right now.
    2. Procrastinator! You’re constantly complaining about how there is nothing to do, but deep down, you know you have so much work to catch up on. You’re spending your time doing anything besides attending your Zoom classes and working on assignments.
    3. Chef! Gordon Ramsay who? From soufflé pancakes to dalgona coffee, you’ve mastered it all. You’re constantly looking for new recipes to try and will come out of quarantine as a master chef.
    4. Simper! You’re constantly thinking about life before quarantine and rewatching old Snaps and videos. You just want the shelter-in-place order to be lifted already. You use social media and Zoom to meet your need for social interaction.



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APRIL 06, 2020