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How to make the most of spring break even if you're staying in Berkeley

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MARCH 12, 2020

Spring break is a time in the semester that students have fervently looked forward to for ages. Some students take the week off to go back home while others plan short getaways with their friends. With COVID-19 concerns over travel, however, many of us are staying back on campus. But don’t let that dampen your spirits! Read on to learn how you can still have a relaxing and enjoyable break.

Catch up on sleep

The time has finally come to catch up on all your missed sleep this semester. You can now make up for all the late nights spent completing an essay, catching up on schoolwork or studying for a midterm. You are no longer bound by any commitments and there’s no one to nag you to wake up, either. Want to sleep for 15 hours? Go for it — there’s no limit! The only caveat: you might end up messing up your sleep schedule beyond repair by the end of the break, but at least it was worth it! 

Netflix and binge

There’s no better time to watch the reruns of your favorite television show than during spring break. Moreover, you can finally binge watch all the latest new shows on Netflix that have gained countrywide popularity since their release. Likewise, every night can be a movie night, or, even better, a movie marathon! The Clog is brimming with television show and film recommendations if you’re looking for something new to watch.

Spring cleaning

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about deep cleaning your entire dorm room or apartment. Take a break from Netflix by grabbing some good old cleaning supplies and get going. Don’t forget to turn on some peppy music to liven things up! Vacuum the floors, wipe down every exposed surface, organize your closet and change your sheets. The satisfaction at the end of it all is inexplicable and surpasses everything. As we at the Clog like to think, a tidy home contributes to a tidy mind! If you’re looking for tips, be sure to check out the Clog’s guide to spring cleaning.

Read a novel 

Let’s be honest — we all have a list of books we want to read, but never get around to starting, buried somewhere. It’s now time to retrieve that list and finally read the amazing books that piqued your interest at some point in time. For once, textbooks and Instagram feeds won’t be the only thing you’re reading. Cozy up with some hot chocolate and enjoy an afternoon of reading!

Get ahead in your classes

You have seven whole days — nine, if you count the weekend before the break officially starts. Even if you spend an hour each day on schoolwork, you’ll still be ahead of the class once break ends. While this may be the last thing you had in mind for spring break, think of how much more enjoyable your semester will be once you return. Additionally, if you’re struggling in any of your classes, take the time to review concepts and catch up while you’re not yet bogged down by other assignments and deadlines.

Try your hand at cooking

What better time to learn to cook than during spring break? You’ll have the kitchen all to yourself to experiment and, furthermore, there’s nobody to judge you if you burn your food or forget to add seasoning. Similarly, if you end up making a culinary masterpiece, you can devour it all by yourself! It’s a win-win situation. Be sure to check out our delicious, mouth-watering recipes for inspiration!

Utilize the break to take care of yourself and have a truly relaxing time. While you may not be jetting across the world during this week, you can still find ways to make use of each day and have lots of fun while doing so. At the end of the day, what’s most important is keeping yourself healthy by getting lots of sleep and staying active!


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MARCH 12, 2020

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