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Quiz: Where should you take your UC Berkeley graduation photos?

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MARCH 08, 2020

It’s that time in the semester when soon-to-be graduates begin taking graduation photos, while everyone else looks on in disbelief that graduating from UC Berkeley is, in fact, possible. We at the Clog recognize, however, that being UC Berkeley students means going against the grain and doing something unique, even when it comes to grad photos. In other words, we’re tired of seeing photos in front of Sather Gate or Doe Memorial Library. It’s time to be original and take a photo scaling the Campanile or in front of the refrigerators at Golden Bear café. If you want to figure out your unique grad photo shoot location, take the quiz below!


  1. What year are you planning on graduating?
    1. 2020
    2. 2021
    3. 2022
    4. 2023
  2. What accessory are you bringing to your grad photo shoot?
    1. A Frisbee disc
    2. A floaty
    3. Food
    4. Sunglasses
  3. Choose a restaurant on Durant Avenue to take pictures at because you’re unique and just love food.
    1. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
    2. Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana
    3. Taco Bell Cantina
    4. Yogurt Park
  4. Who is taking your photos?
    1. I hired a professional
    2. Not sure yet
    3. Self-timer
    4. My friend who has a photography Instagram
  5. Which of these hobbies “speak” to you?
    1. Hiking
    2. Tanning
    3. Puzzles
    4. Skateboarding
  6. Pick a season.
    1. Spring
    2. Summer
    3. Fall
    4. Winter
  7. Choose your dream commencement speaker.
    1. Bear Grylls
    2. Nicki Minaj
    3. Michelle Obama
    4. Bong Joon Ho
  8. Finally, what are you doing after you graduate?
    1. Traveling
    2. Good question
    3. Graduate school
    4. Working
    1. Scaling the Campanile: You should take your photos scaling the Campanile! We’re not sure if anyone has actually attempted to climb the tower before, but it’d make a great story, and an even better view! Maybe you’re an adventurer or an adrenaline junkie, or maybe you’re just a regular person — either way, you should buy some ropes or whatever people use to climb stuff.
    2. On a raft in the Sproul fountain: You should take your photos floating on a raft in the fountain on Sproul, or any campus fountain for that matter! Most likely, your time at UC Berkeley has been a bit of a mystery, with you just floating by, so what better way to include that in your grad photos? Besides, we haven’t seen anyone use water in their pictures before, so we think you could really make a big splash (I’m sorry, I had to).
    3. Golden Bear café: You should take your photos at GBC! It is a staple of the UC Berkeley experience, yet somehow no one ever takes pictures in there. Consider all the moments you wandered in, looking for breakfast or a smoothie or frantically buying a green book for a midterm. It’s a place where memories are made, and we think it’s time it got some representation.
    4. The Golden Bear statue on Lower Sproul: You should take photos next to the Golden Bear statue on Lower Sproul! Sure, it is a tad basic, but imagine, you’re just standing there in your nice clothes, and circling you are a bunch of skaters. It could resemble a modern renaissance painting. Besides, what better way to represent your time at UC Berkeley than with a bear?


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MARCH 08, 2020