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You have a kink, you have kink, everyone has a kink!

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Special Issues Editor

FEBRUARY 13, 2020

We at The Daily Californian were curious as to how freaky our fellow Bears are in the sheets.

In the world of kink and fetishes, the possibilities are truly endless. For our uninformed readers and survey takers, let’s differentiate kinks and fetishes. According to sex experts, a kink is a broad term that includes different sexual interests besides the same old missionary sex, while a fetish is a sexual fixation on an action or object that is absolutely necessary during sex. While kinks and fetishes are not commonly spoken about in public, they are more common than they appear to be. Odds are your roommate, friends and even the people you are around right now have a special something that makes time between the sheets more fun and exciting. Who knows? Maybe seeing how your fellow peers get down will encourage you to explore and experience sex in more ways. Here’s to a very special Valentine’s Day!

Infographic with data about kinks, with information collected from surveys

Joyce Cam is the special issues editor. Contact Joyce at [email protected].

FEBRUARY 14, 2020