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Berkeley's homes away from home

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Special Issues Editor

OCTOBER 18, 2019

If you’re not originally from Berkeley, homecoming season may have you feeling down and homesick. Although many people regard UC Berkeley and the beautiful city of Berkeley itself as a “home away from home,” nothing can really replace the feeling of being at a home where you grew up. We understand how stressful the environment at UC Berkeley can be and hope that these places listed can make Berkeley feel a little homier and more comforting. 

Dorm room or apartment

Of course, your dorm room or apartment is your literal home in Berkeley, but sometimes it doesn’t quite have that same feeling. By adding some decorations, personal photos and some little knick-knacks that truly embody who you are or where you come from, your dorm or apartment can give you that same warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re actually back in your hometown. Along with this, your home in Berkeley should truly feel like your actual home, a place where you feel your most comfortable and relaxed.


A library may be seen as a stressful environment to many, but it’s safe to say that the student body of UC Berkeley wouldn’t be here unless they cared about their education to some degree. Libraries can help emulate the feelings of home and comfort by being quiet, safe havens for you to escape from the overwhelming energy of UC Berkeley. Libraries are meant for students to find quiet spots to unwind and focus on what they need to. These places double as spots to be productive while not feeling so uptight.

Coffee shop

There’s a reason why UC Berkeley’s campus is surrounded by a vast amount of coffee shops. Coffee shops are not only ingrained in college culture, but they are also places we willingly go to because of the aesthetic and comfort of studying or hanging out in them. You feel at home in coffee shops because of their odd ability to keep you focused and relaxed. Not only does it provide you with the perfect environment, but something about a nice cup of coffee makes a place feel like home.

Your closet

You may be thinking that this is an odd addition to our “homes away from home” list. Your closet, though, is truly telling of who you are as a person, and taking the time to admire your clothes and the memories attached to certain items can make Berkeley feel more like home. Your closet is a place that sparks your individuality. The clothes you are comfortable wearing mimics the comfort you feel when at home. 

Sproul Plaza

Although it’s another place where students might feel panic, Sproul Plaza can also garner the sense of community that we desperately miss from back home. Seeing the liveliness of the students jumbled in Sproul Plaza can help you feel less alone and more like you’re a part of something bigger. Sproul Plaza is a unifying place for UC Berkeley students, as you can’t find a day of school where you won’t walk past. By walking through every day and getting the feeling of familiarity, Sproul Plaza becomes a sense of home. Even if you hate to admit it, home is where the Bears are.

Favorite restaurant 

Food is truly a powerful thing. Whether its food that reminds you of home, your culture or even food that you enjoy eating, taking time to sit and eat inside your favorite restaurant can create a sense of nostalgia and ease. The tenderness and total happiness you feel when eating relates to the emotions you feel when you’re sitting in your own bed at home. Taking a break from the chaos that is your life is honestly great. We mean, what more could you want than good food and relaxation?

Joyce Cam is the special issues editor. Contact Joyce at [email protected].

OCTOBER 18, 2019