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To pass or not to pass: Should you really P/NP your class this semester?

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OCTOBER 16, 2019

The deadline to change your grading option this semester is Nov. 1. So, with this date steadily approaching and the fall semester now in full swing, have you decided on all of the grading options for your current classes? If not, we have the perfect quiz to help you come to a decision.


  1. How often do you go to lecture?
    1. When is that again? Monday, right?
    2. Whenever there’s an exam.
    3. Pretty regularly. I’ve only had to miss a few because of other commitments.
    4. I haven’t missed one.
  2. What’s your GSI’s name?
    1. Good question … I’ll get back to you on that one.
    2. I think it started with a J? 
    3. Johnathan.
    4. Johnathan, but he said to just call him John.
  3. Have you turned in all of your assignments so far?
    1. Yeah, about those– I’ve had to email my professor/GSI more times than I feel comfortable admitting.
    2. I’ve missed a couple.
    3. I get them done, but I’ll be honest, I have submitted a couple at 11:58 p.m. before.
    4. Of course! I’ve done all of them.
  4. When is the midterm?
    1. There’s a midterm for this class?
    2. Let me check the syllabus — now where did I put that …
    3. It’s Monday. I just forgot the room location.
    4. Oct. 21, at 5:00 p.m. in Dwinelle 155.
  5. Do you need to take this class for a grade?
    1. No, I’m just taking it for fun.
    2. No, it’s a breadth requirement.
    3. Not really, but the grade average on the Berkeleytime website is an A.
    4. Yes, this is one of my major requirements.
    1. P/NP — If what we’re hearing is true and you’ve never actually gone to class, it might be a good idea to take the pressure off your back and choose the P/NP grading option.
    2. Schedule an appointment with your advisor — It could really go either way and there’s tons of externalities to factor into your decision, such as whether you have to take this class for a grade. Schedule an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible to figure out what the best option is for you.
    3. Talk to your professor/GSI — If you need to take the stress off your back, it may seem like P/NP would be the best option. You might be doing better than you thought in the class, however, and it might not be worth it to change from your current grade option. Consult your professor or GSI to determine how you’re performing in the class.
    4. Grade — You should definitely stick to the grade option. It seems like you’re really on top of all your course material, attend lectures regularly  and are an active participant in section: The trifecta for taking a class for a grade.


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OCTOBER 17, 2019