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An open letter to Berkeley's inconsistent weather

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

Dear Berkeley weather,

It would be nice if you were more consistent. One week it’s hot and the next it’s cold and raining. If someone doesn’t check a weather app or site, it can be difficult for them to guess what they’ll need to bring with them to campus. How are students supposed to dress properly if you’re not a little more consistent? That’s not to say that you don’t do an excellent job most of the time. There are consistent periods of sunny days that are a little warm with an occasional cool breeze. It would just be nice if you were like that for most of the year.

But sometimes you overdo it with the sunny days. Just last week, there was a little too much sun and not enough cool breeze. Berkeley is close to the bay, so why not give us some ocean breeze to cool things down a little? It’s a bit weird that the hottest days of the summer happen during the fall semester. At least on those days it’s obvious that it’s going to be a hot day from early on in the morning, which is a good indication to bring a water bottle or at least to drink water throughout the day.

If you do decide to be more consistent, cold and rainy days don’t count. Yes, students will know to bring an umbrella and raincoat, but it’s dreary day after day. Rain for those who like that sort of weather, but also let the sun shine once in a while. If you have to rain during the winter, at least do it at night when people are going to sleep — you’ll give students some white noise to drift off to.

Consistently cold days can also be nice in moderation. It’s nice to feel the bite of winter for a few days, but a few months is pushing it. If you’re going to be cold, just be cold. It would be nice, though, if you didn’t make the nights freezing, as some people came to Berkeley to escape real winter.

You can be really great, Berkeley weather. This year alone you’ve made some comfortable, warm and sunny days during the spring and summer. You’ll probably make some delightfully cool days in October and November as fall rolls around. You don’t have to make things really hot or really cold. Perfect weather is already in your repertoire.

Peace and love,

The Clog

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2019