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Get those gains: Exercising studios to check out around Berkeley

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SEPTEMBER 09, 2019

Hot girl summer might be coming to a close but it’s not quite time to let our six-packs become six-flabs, as cuffing season is just right around the corner. At the moment, the lines to the weight room and for the cardio machines are incredibly long at the Recreational Sports Facility (aka the RSF), and with our busy schedules, there is just no time to wait.

Thank god there are a ton of different gyms and studios around Berkeley that will allow you to fit gym time into your schedule without disrupting your studying. From pilates to cycling, there are a ton of different options you can choose from! Here are just a few of the studios around campus that will give you a great workout without the wait. 


1929 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704 

Located just a few stores away from Trader Joe’s on University Avenue, CycleBar has to be one of my go-to studios to get my cardio in at. Similar to SoulCycle, CycleBar provides challenging cycling classes that incorporate choreography and weight bars to strengthen your core, arms and legs. Each class will leave you dripping in sweat. Your first ride is completely free, so take the 51B bus down University Avenue and experience the amazingness of CycleBar. I wheelie recommend it!  

CorePower Yoga

2295 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704 

Strengthen your muscles and practice your balance at CorePower Yoga. CorePower has two studios in Berkeley, one on Shattuck Avenue and the other on University Avenue by Fourth Street. “Sculpt” is one of my favorite classes to take at CorePower because it focuses on building lean muscles by incorporating strength training, cardio and yoga. Your first week is free, so give CorePower a chance!

Bold Lagree Fitness Studio

3167 College Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705 

Bold is Berkeley’s #1 Lagree fitness studio. With the help of a mega reformer, Lagree uses slow and controlled movements to define and strengthen the muscles in your body. It also helps you gain flexibility and balance. This low-impact form of exercising really tests your strength and will leave your entire body sore afterward. The studio provides classes that will give you a whole-body workout and others that just focus on your arms, glutes and/or abs. Your first class is $15, or you can purchase your first three classes for $33, or splurge to go as many times as you desire for your first month for $149. Be BOLD and try out Bold!  

Sweat Strength + Cycling

5410 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618 

There is a reason why the studio is called “sweat.” Sweat provides circuit-based HIIT group classes that will get your heart rate up with rowers, Assault bikes, ski ergs and VersaClimbers and also helps to strengthen your muscles using free weights, bands and stability tools. It’s definitely a class worth trying if you’re looking for an intense workout. You can purchase your first three classes for a total of $30, which is just $10 per class. Give it a sweat!  

There are a ton of other studios you can try out besides the ones mentioned above. ClassPass is an incredible and cost-efficient way for you to try out multiple studios and not be tied down to just one. Kiss RSF goodbye and say hello to a more fun way of getting swole.

Contact Kelly Fong at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 09, 2019