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Magical munching in Manhattan: A New York food tour

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2019

In a city of about 8.6 million people, youd think it wouldnt be hard to find good food. Youre right. From pizza to dim sum to a weird spin on milk tea, heres a breakdown of Clog-verified places to go if you ever have the munchies in the Big Apple. Bonus: theyre all vegetarian-friendly!

Pizza at Juliana’s – Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Renowned throughout the city for its classic and traditional take on your favorite Italian delicacy, Julianas customizable menu makes sure that they have an option for everyone. From pineapple to shiitake mushrooms, Julianas can make pizzas tailored perfectly to you. With a thin, crisp base and flavorful sauce, its truly hard to complain about anything. The cute restaurant also does pasta and entrees for those who want them.

Chocolate chip cookies at Insomnia Cookies — various locations in Manhattan

Being the most popular cookie place around, Insomnia is everyones go-to for a reason. With an extensive list of cookie options from oatmeal raisin to M&M, they have the right cookie for everyone, even offering vegan and gluten-free options. Even better, every cookie is warm and gooey, melting your heart with the delightful cookie-ness of it. For the perfect midnight snack, hit them up ⁠— theyll be open until 3 a.m.

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Boba French toast and lavender milk tea at Grace Street Cafe — West 32nd Street, Manhattan

For the ultimate test of your love for boba, hit up Grace Street Cafe, where they drown the best crispy-but-soft brioche French toast in incredibly well-cooked boba, topping it off with milk tea-flavored ice cream and a Thai tea sauce on the side. If boba isnt exactly your cup of tea, however, Grace Street also has several different kinds of shaved ice as well as a plethora of non-boba drinks. The lavender milk tea, while not purple itself, is topped with a purple foam and actually tastes like the flower. To satisfy your sweet tooth with weird but interesting spins on Asian food, be sure to pop by this cafe!

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Dim sum at Vegetarian Dim Sum House — Pell Street, Manhattan

This restaurant feels like an authentic Cantonese restaurant, filled with ladies speaking to each other in the dialect as they serve dim sum. Being completely vegetarian, Vegetarian Dim Sum House offers several classic steamed dishes along with the soups you’ve come to expect with your buns. If, however, you want to try a lot of Vegetarian Dim Sum House’s food, be sure to bring lots of friends! Between the buns and the dumplings, your stomach gets filled up really fast!

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Matcha lava cake at Spot Dessert Bar — St. Marks Place, Manhattan

Honestly, this dessert is exactly what it sounds like: a chocolate cake with a molten chocolate-matcha center dusted with matcha powder and with matcha ice cream on the side. While this may sound like a lot of green tea, Spot actually does a really good job of balancing the chocolate with the matcha. Not too bitter, not too sweet, this dessert bar could satisfy even the pickiest of dessert-eaters, playing to both savory and sweet tongues.

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Cheong fun at Joes Steamed Rice Roll — Roosevelt Avenue, Manhattan

Cheong fun, as seen in the photo, is a Cantonese delicacy comprised of rice rolls drizzled in peanut, sweet and soy sauce. Typically served as street food, the people at Joes make it more of a meal by adding different types of stuffing, from seafood to vegetables. You can also customize the sauces more if you have allergies to peanut or soy and would like to avoid them. A good mix of savory and sweet, the tender rice rolls absorb all of the sauce put on them, making a delicious explosion in your mouth.

Henna Dialani / Courtesy

There you have it! We at the Clog hope that we met both your sweet tooth as well as your savory side with this list of foods to check out when youre in New York City!

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2019