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Call for concerts: Who’s coming to the Bay Area this fall

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AUGUST 29, 2019

The Bay Area is one of the hottest spots west of the Mississippi for live entertainment. Iconic venues such as Berkeley’s Hearst Greek Theatre and Oakland’s Fox Theater make the memory of going to a concert just a little more vivid — not only are you singing along to your favorite tunes, you’re belting those notes under the light of a 1920s art deco ceiling or in the same coliseum that might host your graduation ceremony one day.

If you’re a sucker for live music, check out these upcoming shows that are right here in Berkeley or just a BART ride away. 

Avril Lavigne — Sept. 17

Need to unleash that inner sk8er boi? Feel the sudden urge to dye your hair pink and start wearing more plaid? Sounds like a classic case of early-2000s nostalgia. Believe it or not, pop-rock queen Avril Lavigne released a new album this year, and now she’s touring for it! She’s stopping at the Fox Theater in Oakland in mid-September, so going to Ms. Lavigne’s show is as easy as a trip to the 19th Street Oakland BART station. Don’t make it so complicated — as Lavigne said in 2013, “Here’s to never growing up.” 

Lana Del Rey — Oct. 6

Glamour, noir pop and some end-of-summertime sadness — Lana Del Rey is bringing her many eras of music to the Heart Greek Theatre the first weekend in October. The best part of this show, aside from probably getting to hear “Born to Die” live, is that the festivities are happening right in our backyard! The Greek Theatre is on Gayley Road near Foothill residence hall, so save a BART trip and walk toward the hills. The artist is releasing an album this week, so make sure to get all your listening in before the Hollywood starlet graces our presence. 

Jonas Brothers — Oct. 8

Boy bands are so 2011. If you’re looking to dip your toes back into that sweet time of Tiger Beat magazine and lyrical fan fiction, check out the 2019 rebirth of the Jonas Brothers live and in concert at the beginning of October. Everyone’s favorite family band will be playing the Chase Center in San Francisco — quite the hefty ticket, but less intimidating if you don’t mind sitting in some nosebleed seats. Scared you’ll miss this one? No fear, the band is coming back around to Oakland’s Oracle Arena in December — but the show is during finals week, so take your chances. 

Tyler, the Creator — Oct. 10-11

Just over three months since his hit album IGOR was released, Tyler, the Creator is back in the Bay Area for the first time since January of last year. The multifaceted rapper is playing Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for a two-night run of energy, sweat and occasional unsuspected moshing. Unlike in most other places around the country, you could easily have the chance to see Tyler not once, but twice in one week. Go off, sis. Bust out all your Golf Wang wear and take BART to Civic Center for these sure-to-be-showstopping performances. 

Hozier — Oct. 22

Party with the woodland creatures that hang out near Foothill — Hozier is coming to the Hearst Greek Theatre at the end of October! Celebrate the end of your midterms or take a short break in the middle of them to listen to the sweet music of this Irish gem. Hozier just finished an enchanting set at Outside Lands earlier this month, but it’s never too soon to hear the delicate strumming and lyrical stories of his newest album, Wasteland, Baby! 

Two Door Cinema Club — Nov. 4

If you thought you couldn’t get any more nostalgic about this lineup, just wait until Two Door Cinema Club hits the Fox Theater in Oakland this November! Start off your month with old hits such as “What You Know,” “Undercover Martyn” and “Something Good Can Work” off the 2010 album Tourist History. This show is sure to be your ticket to a mix of your middle school favorites and songs off of the band’s newest release, False Alarm, which is also worth getting to know.

While these shows are sure to be hits, this is only the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming up. If you’re curious about smaller venues such as Rickshaw Stop or the UC Theatre, check out their calendars — maybe you’ll spot some of your favorite artists or discover some new ones. 

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AUGUST 29, 2019