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The Clog's power ranking of Shark Week 2019 programs

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JULY 29, 2019

While Shark Week 2018 offered up some choice shows involving the cast of “Shark Tank” and Shaquille O’Neal, this year’s Shark Week is going to be bigger and better than before. Of course, the shows we know and love are going to return, but there’s a good mix of both reruns and new shows to feast your eyes upon. The Clog has ranked the top five shows and movies to check out this week if you’re an avid shark fan (which you obviously should be).

  1. “Capsized: Blood in the Water”

“Capsized” takes the cake for this year’s top movie or show to check out. The film is based on the true 1982 story of a yacht capsizing in the Atlantic’s shark-infested waters during a storm. The crew is stranded in the water for days, fending off tiger sharks the entire time. If that plot point hasn’t hooked you yet, the film also features seasoned hottie Josh Duhamel.

  1. “Shark Trip: Eat, Prey, Chum”

Modeled after the comedy, “Girls Trip,” “Shark Trip” follows Damon Wayans Jr., Adam Devine, Joel McHale, Will Packer, Rob Riggle and Anthony Anderson in their shark endeavors in the Bahamas. The group acts as live bait in cages for the sharks, tags sharks and takes skin samples from the sharks for research. During a show packed with these dramatic comedians, you’ll certainly be sitting on the edge of your seat, laughing instead of feeling nervous.

  1. “Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing”

The “Sharkwrecked” series is a wild ride from start to finish. The series reenacts situations in which people are stranded with sharks, and they’re all completely real reenactments. That means whoever’s involved with the show is actually placed in the middle of the ocean with sharks. Previous editions have followed groups of men surviving shipwrecks, but this year’s edition instead features two men jumping out of an airplane into remote, shark-infested waters.

  1. “Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters”

With this show being a hit in previous years, the four hosts are bringing it back, recreating five shark attack scenarios to examine different ways in which they could end. The four alter different variables of each attack, such as what the person is wearing, what electronics they bring into the water and their body movements when the sharks are near. They also give suggestions on how to act during different situations — if you should ever happen to find yourself surrounded by a ton of fish blood. 

  1. “I Was Prey”

It’s not exactly the best feeling in the world to be a victim of a shark attack. “I Was Prey” tells the tales of mother Leeanne Ericson and fisherman Braxton Rocha, both facing separate deadly sharks and sustaining life-threatening injuries. They each recount what happened during their experiences, striking nothing but pure fear into the hearts of everyone.

We at the Clog hope we’ve won you over as die-hard fans of Shark Week. Sharks are beautiful, magnificent creatures of which we aren’t worthy. And if you’re still not convinced, you just haven’t watched it enough!

Pooja Bale is the blog editor. Contact Pooja Bale at [email protected].

JULY 29, 2019