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Quiz: Find out which type of ice cream your personality makes you

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JULY 12, 2019

It’s obvious that your personality makes you a treat to be around. July is National Ice Cream Month, so it’s the perfect excuse to chill and binge on ice cream. Take this quiz to get the scoop on exactly what type of ice cream you are. 


  1. Why are you taking this quiz?  
    1. Procrastination.
    2. I genuinely want to know which ice cream I am. 
    3. Nothing better to do. 
    4. For funsies. 
  2. What is your clothing style? 
    1. Sweatpants and sweatshirts — pretty much the same as pajamas. 
    2. Truthfully, basic. 
    3. Celebrity looks. 
    4. Sporty. 
  3. What pet would you get? 
    1. A golden retriever. 
    2. An exotic bird. 
    3. A Maine Coon cat.
    4. I would never get a pet. 
  4. What do you like to do in your free time? 
    1. Binge Netflix.
    2. What free time?
    3. Go to concerts.
    4. Volunteer.
  5. In pictures, you are …
    1. Hiding your face behind others.
    2. Pretty photogenic.
    3. Always the one who blinks at the wrong moment.
    4. The peace-signer.
  6. Which one curdles your milk the worst?
    1. Milk before cereal.
    2. Pineapple on pizza.
    3. Biting straight into a four-finger Kit Kat bar. 
    4. Eating cake with a spoon. 
    1. You’re chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. You’re definitely an introvert, a good listener and very observant of the little details. You also learn a lot of new things just by watching others. 
    2. You’re goat cheese ice cream, because you’re the G.O.A.T. You have no idea what you’re planning to do with your life, and you’re pretending to be OK with that. You like to follow trends, and you have a large group of friends. People crave time with you because you’re just so fun to be around.
    3. You’re mint chocolate chip ice cream. You make a great leader, as you’re a solid role model for others. Plus, you’re a total extrovert. You have everything planned out. 
    4. You’re birthday cake ice cream — you act like every day is your birthday. You tend to be optimistic, and you believe that everything happens for a reason. Your friends would describe you as humorous; after all, you call yourself the pun-master. 


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JULY 12, 2019