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Quiz: Which summer shoe are you?

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MAY 02, 2019

Sun’s out, and so are UC Berkeley students’ (smelly) feet! It’s finally time to let your toes get some of that Vitamin D and begin your journey to the most prominent flip-flop tan yet. Channel your inner SoCal kid and take this quiz to find out which summer shoe you are.


  1. Do you enjoy being barefoot?
    1. Of course! Nothing like the grass under my feet.
    2. No, gross! The ground is so dirty.
    3. Only in the showers. 🙂
  2. How much sun is too much sun?
    1. There can never be too much sun.
    2. Up until the point where I start getting weird spots on my skin.
    3. That point in between me getting that nice golden glow and becoming burnt Patrick from that one “Spongebob” episode.
  3. What’s your ideal summer vacation?
    1. B-E-A-C-H
    2. A hiking road trip!
    3. Ol’ faithful: my community swimming pool
  4. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like “going with the flow?”
    1. 1-5
    2. 6-10
    3. I’m either a zero or an 11, there’s no in between
  5. Your friend asks you to drop $200 on a concert ticket with them. What do you do?
    1. Hell yeah I do it, I love music.
    2. Tell them to kindly f— off.
    3. Look for a cheaper alternative but don’t tell your friend.
    1. You’re a Birkenstock! You never go out of style, can be worn in all sorts of weather (including snow) and every self-respecting student has a pair.
    2. You’re a Teva! You’re an outdoorsy person, or in other words, a complete hippie. Be sure to hit up Urban Outfitters to complete the rest of your personality!
    3. You’re an Old Navy flip-flop! Tried and true, you always pull through when someone needs a cheap pair to put on their feet!


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MAY 04, 2019