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Free Comic Book Day: Why you should visit your local comic shop

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MAY 01, 2019

With the end of the semester fast approaching, comics are probably the furthest thing from your mind. Why should you go to a comic shop when there plenty of other ways to procrastinate on studying? There, however, may be more reasons to go than you might initially think, especially on the first Saturday of May. Here are a few of those reasons.

The shop will be giving out free comics

The main reason to go to a comic book shop on the first Saturday of May is that it’s Free Comic Book Day. That means there’ll be comic books that you can have for free. If you want something to do that costs no money, this is the event for you. Not every comic in the store is free, but all the big comic publishers put out at least one, if not more, free comics so there’ll be plenty to choose from.

It’ll be a nice break from studying

With that Saturday being the weekend before dead week, you might be neck deep in studying. If that’s the case, it’ll feel nice to go outside and take a walk. If that walk is to a comic book shop, you can pick up some comics as proof that you didn’t just waste time. On the other hand, if you aren’t going to study until the last few days of dead week, you can read some of the free comics as a break.

Reading comics is fun and low energy

Unlike most of the reading you’ve probably had to do this semester, comics are easy and relaxing. With little text and plenty of pictures, they can be a quick read. Comics can be a nice reminder that not everything you read has to be dense or confusing. With so many different types of comics out there, you’re bound to find something that you’ll enjoy. All of these reasons combined, make reading a comic a good reminder that this semester will eventually end and life doesn’t have to only be about studying.

It could help you feel like a kid again

If you read a lot of comics during your childhood, then reading some could make you feel like a kid again. Even if comics weren’t a part of your childhood, you may be able to find a title based on a show you liked as a kid. Being an adult can be tough, so why not feel like a kid again for a little bit.

Good excuse to learn where your comic shop is

Reading comics can be a nice break at any point of the year, not just during dead week. While it can be a little annoying to try and find a comic shop near you, Free Comic Book Day is the best time to look. With lines forming at the busiest parts of the day, local comic book shops are at their most visible state. That way, you’ll know where the shop is whenever you want to get comics.

Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you to go to a comic book shop this upcoming Free Comic Book Day. Who knows, it could be a great way for you to be less stressed this dead week.

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MAY 01, 2019