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APRIL 30, 2019

Oh God, Where Art Thou?

Oh God, where art Thou? I ask

By your side, my son, comes the instant reply

Look, for I hold your hand

And walk by you all the way.


Our steps match as we walk down life’s path

Many an obstacle comes my way

I say, Oh God, where art Thou?

I feel your hand slipping away.


My hand gripped anew, the obstacles dim

Though years this may take

Life is a touch of divinity

When your BFF God guides the way.


Oh God, who art Thou? I ask

Father, Mother or my friend?

Look within for the answer, is the reply.

I am whatever you want this day.


I am the guiding Father and the loving Mother.

I am the friend that you confide in.

What is your need now, my child?

I am whoever you need this day.


Oh God, where art Thou? I ask

For my eyes see you not.

Look within, comes the instant reply

For your heart is my dwelling place.


Can I be far from you, my child?

For I am but a heartbeat away.

A heart that invites Me with love

Is a wonderous dwelling place.


Oh God, who art Thou? I ask

Are you the miracle worker of the age?

Can you turn night into day, was my ignorant question,

And cure all the ills of man today?


Clouded by delusion are humans, smiles God

Knowledge is but an arm’s length away

Were I to fulfill every wish at once.

Your ego, not your faith, would raise.


All God asks for is love and faith.

A pittance for service so great

We walk along, my God and I

Life, a big adventure along the way.


But my contemplation did not stop there. The questions kept pouring out.


Dearest Lord,

So many questions we have for You.

You are Mother, Father and our best friend.

Most of all, a Loving Guru are You.


We ponder and we wonder

How do we solve inner conflicts?

How do we solve life’s issues?

We turn to You, our divine guide


We sit at Your Lotus Feet

We gaze at Your Resplendent Face

What is the purpose of my existence?

How much longer will humans exist?


Lead us from the darkness of ignorance.

How do I attain Self-Realization?

Why should karma affect people in their next life

If they don’t remember what they did?


How will I help change the world?

How can I change myself for the better?

What is the one thing you advise me to do?

How does one win in the Game of Life?


You are the beginning and end of all Knowledge

Put us on the Path of Truth

Bursting with questions are we

Tiny sunflowers yearning for the Sun


We are often told “Life is a challenge, meet it”

I dove further into my inner-net as I grappled with this conundrum


Life is a challenge, meet it!


Verily, You are the Director of Life’s Play

You throw these very challenges our way!

If we hold fast Your Hand in this play

You will surely lead the way


Illusion Maya, the stage curtain

Blinds us to Your Outstretched Hand

Please brush aside this blinding fog

So we may grasp onto Your Hand


Vitamins A-F are for the body but Vitamin G is for the soul


Vitamin G


deficiency of vitamin G

A malaise of mankind

God, Glory, Grace

doses of Vitamin G needed every day


Vitamin G, a precursor coenzyme

facilitates processes and biochemical flow

neurotransmitters balance in the brain,

body organs delight in the change.


Repetition of God’s name

Contemplate Glory and Grace

Imbibe attitudes of equanimity

Medicine is only one-third of the way

Grace provides the chunk of the cure


I quest on for equanimity.


I walked into the arms of God

Arms fold around me

A comforting mother’s embrace

Emotions cease, nothingness in THE embrace

Nothingness is beyond infinity

Mind at peace, an ocean of equanimity.

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MAY 07, 2019