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Weirdest places to kiss on campus

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APRIL 25, 2019

Most cultured people have seen the meme where one queries what would happen if they and another kissed in a strange place. While there aren’t as exciting of places to kiss on campus like the trenches of the Great War or the Bikini Bottom cemetery, we at the Clog have done our best to conjure up a list of the strangest but also the most ~romantic~ places to spend time with your significant other.

On the fourth floor of Moffitt

Not the fifth, just the fourth. This public floor of Moffitt will be one of the most uncomfortable places you kiss someone, unless you’re part of a couple that loves to show PDA everywhere. Here, you get the perfect balance of nosy and noisy people, various food smells and a decent view of Memorial Glade. You’ll also definitely get stares, but that’s what makes it more exciting!

In the VLSB basement bathrooms

If you’d like a little more privacy, the VLSB bathrooms are your go-to place. While you make out with your partner, you can always sneak your eyes open to read the riveting graffiti plastered all over the stall walls. As long as you don’t mind someone walking in and relieving themselves, you’re golden!

Under Terry the T-Rex

There’s nothing stranger or sexier than science. Who wouldn’t want to touch lips under a fossil millions of years old? We’re sure Terry wouldn’t mind watching either. He hasn’t gotten any action in a long, long time.

In the hallway of the Wheeler fourth floor staff offices

Single-handedly the most awkward place to kiss on campus, the Wheeler fourth floor staff offices house the English department. If one of you gets down on one knee and reads a Shakespearean love sonnet to your significant other, the professors will probably come around.

In an Evans basement classroom

It’s dark, it’s dreary, it’s the perfect place to live out your macabre kissing fantasies. Plus, there’ll be no windows for unsuspecting passersby to see more tongue than they’d like to. But then again, Evans is, well, Evans. It’ll probably kill the mood.

In one of Dwinelle’s many stairwells

Stairwells are the best but also strangest places to get together with your significant other. While you’re here, you’ll undoubtedly see sporadic flocks of lost students aimlessly climbing up and down the stairs, trying to pretend they know where they’re going. They most likely don’t. Maybe you and your partner are lost, too. Dwinelle is just weird, take our word for it.

Sure, there are plenty of other strange places to kiss (we’re looking at you, steam tunnels) on campus. Use your imagination, and make some memes of it!

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APRIL 28, 2019