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Take our quiz to find out which 4/20 gadget you are!

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APRIL 19, 2019

4/20 is right around the corner! With the whole student body out on the Glade to enjoy some fun activities, we at the Clog know we’ll be seeing some gadgets and gizmos aplenty. While you’re in your high state, why not find out which 4/20 smoking gadget you are? No worries, we’re 4/20 friendly here and will help you out! Answer a few questions below and let us tell you!


  1. Are you on the Glade right now?
    1. I’ve been on the Glade for the past week!
    2. I’ll be there later.
    3. On 4/20? That’ll be a mess! You can catch me hiding out in my room.
    4. Not sure, I’m pretty stoned right now so we’ll see if I make it.
  2. What kind of strain do you prefer?
    1. I’m definitely a sativa fan, I love being happy and cheerful!
    2. I can’t get enough sleep, so I definitely reach for the indica.
    3. I’m honestly the craziest person, so I pop off with a hybrid.
    4. There are… strains? I thought it was all the same.
  3. Have you ever made a DIY pipe, bong or other smoking device?
    1. I’ve made so many DIY pieces, I’m practically an engineer.
    2. To get the best high, you need to use the right tools. Smoking from a DIY piece? No, thanks!
    3. Of course, apples don’t only keep the doctors away.
    4. I’ve smoked from everything and anything. Seriously, you name it! I’ve probably done it.
  4. Which kind of high person are you?
    1. I’m totally chilled out.
    2. I enter a whole other universe. I think my third eye opens?
    3. It doesn’t affect me at all! I’m pretty sure I inhale it right?
    4. I can’t stop laughing hahaha!
  5. On a scale from one to 10, how would you rank yourself as a “stoner?”
    1. 0-3
    2. 4-6
    3. 7-9
    4. 10, baby!
  6. Be honest, are you high right now?
    1. Perhaps…
    2. Definitely not!
    3. I probably couldn’t read this if I was high.
    4. Most definitely on full sicko-mode.
    1. You’re a joint! You’re a classic high who everyone loves to be around. You’re cool, calm and collected. Some people don’t even realize you’re high until you actually say you are.
    2. You’re an edible! Maybe smoking isn’t your thing, and we totally understand. You’re definitely unpredictable and pretty wild. You’re the party animal of your friend group.
    3. You’re a wax pen! You’re a classy person who doesn’t like the mess that comes along with rolling a joint or packing a bowl. We respect that.
    4. You’re a bong! You’re not the brightest of the bunch, but, boy, do you leave an impression. You’re the one friend who everyone claims they would’ve never been friends with.


Joyce Cam is the assistant blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

APRIL 19, 2019