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Let us guess what your summer plans are

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APRIL 17, 2019

We here at the Clog have deemed the official small talk question of April to be, “What are your plans for summer?” — which can only mean that the semester is on its final act. So, as we prepare to say bye, let us at the Clog guess what your summer plans include: productivity, procrastination or something in between?


  1. Are you taking this quiz to procrastinate?
    1. I plead the fifth.
    2. You psychic, you.
    3. Hey, now … this could just be a study break.
    4. Procrastination? Don’t know her.
  2. Where are you right now?
    1. Watching the sunset from the top of the Big C
    2. Chillin’ in bed in my hoodie and fuzzy socks.
    3. Somewhere between doing homework and taking online quizzes at Strada.
    4. Main Stacks, but that’s not a surprise since I live here.
  3. Ideal summer destination?
    1. Someplace unexpected and out of the box.
    2. Maybe the beach? Anywhere warm where I can nap in the sun.
    3. Someplace fast-paced and busy … did someone say NYC?
    4. I already told you, I live in Main Stacks. Did you think I was joking?
  4. When does your last final end?
    1. I forget now, but at one point in time, I knew.
    2. If I don’t check, they don’t exist, and that’s a #fact.
    3. Not quite sure, have to look in my planner and get back to you.
    4. Wednesday, May 15 at 5:30 p.m.
  5. What did your summer last year consist of?
    1. Backpacking and camping trips.
    2. Seasons 1-12 of a relatively obscure Netflix show.
    3. I stayed in Berkeley and took classes over the summer.
    4. A lot of printing, filing and coffee runs at my internship.
  6. What’s your favorite part of summer?
    1. The fun adventures!
    2. Two words: me time.
    3. A better balance of free time and work.
    4. Time to get ahead on some light reading … “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking, anyone?
    1. Adventure is your middle name. Your summer plans include, ironically, very little planning. You’ll jet off to another continent before the last bells on the Campanile ring to end the year.
    2. Your summer plans are planned all right, and they include: nothing, absolutely nothing. Just you, your Netflix and maybe a face mask. Honestly, good for you.
    3. Yin and yang is the name of the game. This summer is all about balance for you. Maybe a summer job or online classes with a side of beach days and catching up with friends?
    4. Let’s be honest, relaxing just isn’t relaxing for you. You’re probably off to the Big Apple to slay at some big-name internship. You go — we’ll be rooting you on from the poolside.


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APRIL 17, 2019