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The Clog's top 10 #cringiest freshman mistakes graduating seniors need to make for the sake of #humor in the next month

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APRIL 16, 2019

It’s easy to wish for the year to come to a speedy conclusion and for the next few weeks of finals to be a blur when you know you have another year of UC Berkeley to fall back on next September. Another year full of game days, procrastination via Netflix and eating mac and cheese for lunch and dinner. So, if we at the Clog had to guess how you senior Bears are feeling right about now it would be somewhere around the opposite of senioritis. With your last precious moments nigh, we want to transport you back to the golden age of the cringiest of times: freshman year. Relive these 10 classic moments to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and it may just leave you feeling a bit less nostalgic.

Post a picture of the Campanile on every social media platform of you have.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn — all the above.

Get lost in Dwinelle.

This can be a real ~spiritual~ experience, not gonna lie.

March through the heart of Sproul and accept each and every flyer.

No shame, no game.

Finesse your way into a fraternity party with a fake bid.

Honestly, you might shed a sentimental tear since this will be the last time you can swindle a frat boy at the door.

Scroll through UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens and Overheard Berkeley.

You may have aged by what feels like a century in the last four years, but this content never gets old.

Make a last trip to a dining hall.

Just to remember what a dietary glow up you’ve been through.

Check up on your freshman year roommate.

Just to say “hi” and relive that time you had to pull the fire alarm because you set a small fire trying to make some boxed mac and cheese.

Invite someone over to sleep in your twin-sized bed.

Big mistake.

Have a sit-down meal at Gypsy’s.

Nothing quite like fine dining. Put on the senior 15 for #memories sake.

Feed a squirrel.

Because feeding a squirrel outside your corporate office next year just may not get you new ~business professional~ friends.

Get to it because you only have a month to get away with these while it’s still semi-socially acceptable. If you don’t do it for us at the Clog, do it for your freshman self who, at times thought you may never see graduation day.

With your last precious moments nigh, we want to transport you back to the golden age of the cringiest of times: freshman year.

APRIL 17, 2019