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How to change your Phase 1 enrollment time to an earlier one

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APRIL 09, 2019

Phase 1 is coming up soon, and chances are that you’re unhappy with your enrollment time. Your assigned enrollment time may be so late that you’re afraid you won’t get the classes you need for next semester. There, however, is no need to despair. Here are some perfect strategies to get a better and earlier class enrollment time.

Fly to a new timezone

If you have a little money, you can buy a plane ticket and trick your computer into thinking it’s earlier than it actually is. That way, it can be 2 p.m. where you are when it’s actually 11 a.m. back in Berkeley. This will also ensure that you won’t have to sign up for classes during lecture. Instead, you can take a one-day vacation while leisurely signing up for your classes early.

Bribe an administrator

Another way to get an earlier enrollment time is to bribe an administrator. This option still requires money, but at least you don’t have to deal with air travel. Just find someone who can sign you up for your classes themselves or can give you priority enrollment if you slip them some cash. It’s a foolproof plan that couldn’t possibly go wrong.

Change your computer clock

If you can’t afford a bribe or plane tickets, there’s still a way to get a better enrollment time. Remember when you were younger and would mess with your Nintendo DS games by changing the clock on it? You can apply the same skills in this situation. That way, your computer will think it’s later than it actually is, and you can sign up for classes early. The best part of this method is depending on how much you can change your clock, you can enroll in classes whenever you want even if that’s before everybody else.

Try to enroll in your classes earlier anyway

There’s always a chance, however slim, that you can just sign up for your classes early. Sometimes glitches happen in CalCentral that allow you to actually sign up for classes whenever you want. So, it won’t hurt to just try adding classes before your enrollment period.

Become an athlete

One way to get a better enrollment time is to become an athlete for UC Berkeley. You probably won’t be able to do this before your next enrollment time, however, which is why this option is at the end of the list. This option is to make sure you don’t get a bad time ever again. You can spend the summer training and try out in the fall. Or, you can just photoshop your face over a rower’s body. That seems to have worked for some people too. 

Good luck on getting your classes for next semester. Hopefully, this article has alleviated some of your enrollment stress.

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APRIL 09, 2019