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Steve Carell films for every stage of your college career

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APRIL 01, 2019

Most students will definitely agree when we say college is one tumultuous ride with lots of ups and downs. The unique stages of your college career can be defined by a number of different categories. Would you ever expect to differentiate your years at UC Berkeley according to Steve Carell’s filmography? Although it may come as a surprise, Steve Carell’s legendary movies are easily one of the best ways to sum up your college experience. Here are four Steve Carell films that perfectly describe your four years of college memories.

Freshman year

Living in a brand new environment with entirely different people, housing, curriculum and culture exudes all sorts of excitement. With that being said, your first year of college will definitely seem “crazy” at times. Steve Carell’s character, Cal (weird coincidence in name choice), in “Crazy, Stupid, Love” undergoes a lot of change in his life, pushing him out of his comfort zone. Similarly, college is the prime time for moving away from what’s familiar, so bring on the “crazy” and the “love” (but maybe leave out the “stupid” part).

Sophomore year

As you start to exemplify the notion of “sophomore slump” by slacking off on your assignments and skipping your lectures, you’ll begin to feel as despicable as Gru, played by Carell, in “Despicable Me.” You lack the innocence of being a member of the youngest class and begin to feel the pressures of finalizing your major, clubs and living situation now that dorms are no longer a go-to option. Like Gru, you’ll eventually be bettered by all of the change. As the year comes to an end, you’ll be grateful for the new experiences that’ll prep you for the years to come.

Junior year

With most of your major requirements completed and a load of upper-division courses in your registration shopping cart, there’s no better time to “Get Smart” than your junior year. While you may not be a secret agent like Carell’s character, Maxwell Smart, being in your later college years can really test your intelligence and truly feel like a mission impossible. But as you conquer your midterms and slay your finals, you’ll prove that no junior year task is too challenging for you to take on.

Senior year

Although the last year of college can feel long overdue, there’s a melancholic undertone whizzing in the air as the idea of leaving your temporary home of four years sets in. No other word sums up senior year better than bittersweet. But even though you’ll be departing from your college way of life, you’ll always have the people, things and memories that you hold dear — as does Frank Ginsberg, Steve Carell’s role in “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Who would have thought that Steve Carell’s films would be able to characterize our college years so well? Maybe there are more things in life that you ought to order according to his vast array of work.

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APRIL 01, 2019