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Quiz: Which Steve Carell character are you?

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APRIL 01, 2019

In honor of Steve Carell, his greatness and all that he’s done for this world, cinematically and not cinematically, we’ve compiled a quiz in which you can find out which Steve Carell character you are. Whether you’re the haunting John du Pont from “Foxcatcher” or the classic Michael Scott from “The Office,” you’ll be pleased to have any connection to Steve Carell.


  1. Choose a dream job:
    1. Performer with a Vegas residency
    2. CEO of a Fortune 500 company
    3. Professional athlete
    4. Professor at UC Berkeley
  2. What are you studying?
    1. Arts
    2. Business
    3. STEM
    4. Social Sciences
  3. Choose a film:
    1. “Now You See Me”
    2. “The Devil Wears Prada”
    3. “Space Jam”
    4. “Good Will Hunting”
  4. Pick a famous UC Berkeley alum:
    1. Marshawn Lynch
    2. Jerry Brown
    3. Alex Morgan
    4. Chris Pine
  5. Choose a Monopoly game piece:
    1. Racecar
    2. Top hat
    3. Cannon
    4. Dog
  6. What are your weekend plans?
    1. Partying!
    2. Probably watching a movie alone.
    3. Studying.
    4. Spending time with my family.
  7. How would your friends describe you?
    1. Extra
    2. Funny
    3. Determined
    4. Thoughtful
    1. Burt Wonderstone (“The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”) — You’re the incredible Burt Wonderstone! You have a great head of hair, and you practically rule the Las Vegas Strip with your skills and showmanship as a world-renowned magician!
    2. Michael Scott (“The Office”) You’re arguably Steve’s greatest role, Michael Scott. You run a tight ship at Dunder Mifflin, and it took years for people to appreciate you and your humor!
    3. John du Pont (“Foxcatcher”) — You’re the role that made Steve an Academy Award nominee, John du Pont! Even though he’s a murderer and kind of scary, he was nonetheless successful in most of his endeavors!
    4. Frank Ginsberg (“Little Miss Sunshine”) — You’re Frank Ginsberg from “Little Miss Sunshine.” You’ve been through some difficult stuff, but you’re very educated, have strong ties to your family and can get through it all!


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APRIL 01, 2019