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An open letter to Steve Carell — we owe you our lives

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Special Issues Editor

APRIL 01, 2019

To our dearest and sweetest Steve Carell,

We really don’t know where to begin. How can we possibly fit how much we love you and owe you our lives in a mere letter? We’ll be honest, you have been very special throughout our growth into young adults — maybe even more important than our own parents? You’ve truly taught us the art of life and how to be our best possible selves.

From divulging “that’s what she said” jokes to making us really think about our own mental health, you’ve helped us grow up as well-rounded individuals. Watching you on the little screen as well as the big screen has made a large impact on how we see the world. Your portrayal of the iconic Michael Scott in “The Office” encouraged us to laugh at ourselves and not be so serious about everything. Frank Ginsberg from “Little Miss Sunshine” and Mark Hogancamp from “Welcome to Marwen” made us truly take a step back and consider the importance of mental health. Of course, your role as David Sheff in “Beautiful Boy” showed us the harsh realities of substance abuse and its effects on friends and families. Steve, you really showed us the best and worst parts of life, and we are eternally grateful for that.

Steve Carell, you really did not have to go off that hard when you took on these iconic roles. But, alas, you did what had to be done! There is truly no other person we can think of who could have done even a quarter of what you’ve done for Hollywood and for us. Your humor and seriousness in the roles you take on have shown us the true versatility of emotions. Thank you for making us laugh, cry and, overall, love life. Even as UC Berkeley students, you’ve given us a glimmer of hope that it gets better, and if it doesn’t, oh well — at least we tried. Please never leave us, and please always be you! We’re so proud of the person you’ve become, and we are even prouder of the impact you’ve made in the world.

Love forever and always,

The Clog

Joyce Cam is the assistant blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

APRIL 01, 2019