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Editor's Note: Admissions Issue 2019

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MARCH 21, 2019


You’ve been accepted into the No. 1 public university (on your own merit, we assume). We at the Clog want to give you a BEARy warm welcome to UC Berkeley. You might have not SIRed to UC Berkeley just yet, but we’re here to help you see that your heart belongs in the Bay as a Golden Bear! Be honest, everyone looks good in California Gold and Berkeley Blue.

Peace, love, Clog.

50 things we at the Clog learned as freshmen at UC Berkeley

Fresher than ever: UC Berkeley freshman starter pack

Cal freshman starter pack with items such as Cal ID, laptop, and Facebook notification

A day in the life in the dorms: Blackwell Hall, Foothill and Unit 3

Quiz: Which classic UC Berkeley freshman will you become?

What not to bring! Five things you should leave behind in high school

A person with the top of their head open, with a brain labelled "High School" leaving and a brain labelled "College" entering

UC Berkeley lingo you should know

Freshman dorm packing list: UC Berkeley edition

Things to know that will make your life easier at UC Berkeley

Quirks at UC Berkeley that new students learn to love

Why you should wait out the waitlist

A waitlist with the word "YOU" at the bottom going into Sather Gate, with a waitlisted person waiting at the end of the list

Dear dorm bathrooms, you’re tacky and we hate you

Common first thoughts you’ll inevitably have about popular places on campus

Waited and made it: How to get off the waitlist

The most unique courses offered at UC Berkeley in recent years

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MARCH 21, 2019