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25 ways to prepare your potatoes for St. Patrick's Day

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MARCH 14, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day is looming upon us, and there is necessary prep to complete before any late night activities. The Irish love their potatoes, and we do too, especially on a day like St. Paddy’s Day. Here are a few ways you can best cook up this terrific tuber for this special occasion.

  1. Boiled.
  2. Baked with a four-leaf clover garnish.
  3. Roasted.
  4. Mashed with Lucky Charms sprinkled on top.
  5. Precooked frozen french fries (curly, steak, thin cut, waffle).
  6. Raw.
  7. Raw with Oski’s face carved in it.
  8. The potatoes from the dining hall but drenched in half a bottle of hot sauce.
  9. In the form of an entire bag of barbecue Lays chips.
  10. Baked sweet potato — get some extra fiber in there…
  11. Good ol’ classic tater tots.
  12. A couple hash browns for breakfast from the McDonald’s on Shattuck.
  13. Raw with a lil’ festive hat and a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” pin on it.
  14. Scalloped, like your neighbor’s mom used to make.
  15. Follow this very involved recipe for potato bread from The Pioneer Woman.
  16. Fancy potato puffs from Gregoire on Northside.
  17. Eat the leftover sweet potato pie your roommate made for Pi Day that no one wanted, because they used salt instead of sugar, on purpose.
  18. Try out your vegan roommate’s vegetable spiralizer and make potato spaghetti for everyone for the perfect blend of Irish and Italian-inspired cuisine.
  19. Boil some potatoes. After you’re done doing that, throw the actual potatoes out and drink the remaining water to consume pure carbs and potato essence without having to chew.
  20. Raw. After making it (the potato) watch the entirety of Disney Channel’s “Luck of the Irish.”
  21. For another Italian spin on things, buy some gnocchi from Trader Joes and use Guinness instead of water to boil the gnocchi in.
  22. Go to Smoke’s Poutinerie and try out the heaviest option they serve.
  23. Baked potato… but microwaved and served in a bowl of melted Kerrygold Irish Butter.
  24. Ask someone to borrow their fryer and fry an entire potato. Then, right after taking the potato out of the oil, roll it in sugar. You have just made a real sweet potato.
  25. Raw, but only after singing bar songs with it.
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MARCH 14, 2019