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Foolproof pickup lines to woo your crush: Midterm edition

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MARCH 04, 2019

Midterm season is in full swing. It’s a time for lots of studying and stressing — not to mention when you spend most of your waking hours with the people in your study group. So, why not chase away some of your midterm blues with a new flame on your arm? Since we are all in this together, here are some midterm season pickup lines you can use to get the attention of your crush.

  1. Are you a midterm I haven’t studied for? Because I think you’re going to screw me.
  2. Need someone to help you study anatomy?
  3. Are you an exam? Because I get nervous in your presence.
  4. You’re like a GSI with midterms — when you walk into the room, everyone turns to look.
  5. You can cry on my shoulder about grades anytime you want.
  6. You’d get an A from me.
  7. I’m like studying for a midterm — I’ll keep you up all night.
  8. I don’t know about your midterms, but I know you’re not failing to get my attention.
  9. You’re someone I’d rather be studying.
  10. Why don’t we pull an all-nighter?
  11. I could be your partner.
  12. I know something else you could fill in besides a bubble sheet.
  13. That paper isn’t the only thing that’s long.

Good luck on your midterms and with your love life! Go out there and let off some steam — hopefully, these pickup lines helped.

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MARCH 05, 2019