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Quiz: Where should you travel to this spring break?

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FEBRUARY 28, 2019

If you’ve already been to Cabo, the quintessential spring break destination, or if you’re just looking for something a little less mainstream, you’re in luck! We understand the difficulties that come with planning any vacation and are here to help cross a couple tasks off of your to-do list. Start by taking this quiz to find the ultimate vacation spot for your travels this spring break.


  1. What sort of place do you have in mind?
    1. Some place on a different coast
    2. An island in the Caribbean
    3. An island off the Pacific
    4. Somewhere just outside California
  2. Which of these mocktail drinks would you order?
    1. Mint Julep
    2. Piña Colada
    3. Hawaiian Punch
    4. Why not all three?
  3. Which of these famous films is your favorite?
    1. “The Princess and the Frog”
    2. “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”
    3. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”
    4. “Ocean’s Eleven”
  4. How do you spend your weekends?
    1. I like to immerse myself in a lively city, which is why I go to San Francisco as often as possible.
    2. I enjoy exploring nature and going on hikes, like the Big C, from time to time.
    3. I love spending time at the beach, but unfortunately, Berkeley is too cold.
    4. I love to party on frat row and go to local bars and clubs in the city. 
  5. Which of these songs is secretly your anthem?
    1. “Mona Lisa” by Lil Wayne (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    2. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi (ft. Daddy Yankee)
    3. “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars
    4. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At the Disco
  6. Pick a spirit animal
    1. Pelican
    2. Coquí frog
    3. Monk seal
    4. Bighorn sheep
  7. Who do you like traveling with most?
    1. My family, or even just my closest family member
    2. My best friends from back home
    3. My SO (or, soon-to-be SO)
    4. My college friends
    1. New Orleans, Louisiana — Venture to the South this spring break to a city known for its unparalleled liveliness and culture. Cafe Du Monde’s world-famous beignets will have you instantly forgetting all the stress from school in just one bite!
    2. Puerto Rico — A vacation to Puerto Rico is the perfect spring break destination for you. It’s safe to say that it’s a good distance away from campus, making it great if you want to be as far from UC Berkeley as possible. Most importantly, you’ll be too captivated by the beautiful sights and culture to even concern yourself with issues like bringing along your reader or finishing that problem set.
    3. Honolulu, Hawaii — Book a trip to paradise because you deserve nothing less. After all those late nights spent studying, treat yourself to a week full of relaxation as you lounge on the beautiful and sunny beaches of Hawaii every single day.
    4. Las Vegas, Nevada — Take a little road trip to Sin City this March. Enjoy the nightlife, treat yourself to a trendy restaurant reservation or purchase tickets to a show that interests you. The possibilities are endless — especially for those who are looking to spend their time somewhere other than the beach.



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MARCH 01, 2019