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Crossovers we didn't know we needed: Artists we want to see collaborate

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FEBRUARY 25, 2019

We nearly fainted when we found out Avril Lavigne and Nicki Minaj produced a song together. The goth queen of our prepubescent days invited the rap goddess to join forces on her single “Dumb Blonde,” and their collaboration was one we never saw coming, yet one that we’ve been missing all our lives. These two great forces teaming to produce an iconic pop anthem has inspired us to think about the amazing tunes that could be created if some of our other favorite artists paired up to produce music. Here are the Clog’s picks for other random artists that should collaborate in the future.

One Direction and Cardi B

In a world where One Direction hasn’t split up, nothing would be more amazing than if our favorite boys from across the pond united with Queen Cardi to create a pop track that had us swooning and spitting raps all in one. Perhaps a collaboration as awesome as this one is what it would have taken for the 21st-century boy band to stay relevant.

Ariana Grande and Owl City

We love thank u, next, but we definitely feel like it’s missing a good old synthesizer and some electronic beats. A collaboration between the princess of pop and the middle school-era creator of “Fireflies” would blend all of the things we love and miss about music.

Fifth Harmony and Kendrick Lamar

Again, we have to suspend reality for a hot second to imagine a universe where Fifth Harmony’s members hadn’t gone separate ways, but if they ever do come out of their “indefinite hiatus” the first thing we’d want to see from the girl power group is a collaboration with the best hip-hop artist of our generation. We could definitely see Dinah Jane backing up Kendrick with a little freestyle.

Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift

Although both of these artists’ careers have been plagued with personal controversy and social criticism, we still think they’ve made great music. Combining their distinctive sounds would make a great guilty pleasure record that everyone bashes but secretly loves.

Katy Perry and Post Malone

Imagine this: Katy Perry belts out some rousing lyrics about self-empowerment, and Post Malone comes in on the bridge with some lines about turning his life around. Boom, you have a chart-topper.

We know that these might seem unrealistic, but if Avril and Nicki can find common ground and write a song about challenging stereotypes, then anything’s possible.

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FEBRUARY 25, 2019