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A day in the life of a KiwiBot

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FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Being a KiwiBot has its perks, but it seems hard to forget the occasional struggles. The day in the life of a KiwiBot isn’t as monotonous as it appears since there are always new interactions to be had by students, tourists and well, other KiwiBots.

The beginning of the day starts with positive affirmations. The long hours ahead can be grueling, especially when the elements are against a KiwiBot. So, it’s nice to get some motivation to last the entire day. Warm pets and a swift polishing follow, and then the bots are ready to start the day with the first orders.

On this day, a student ordered boba at 11 a.m. Nothing unusual. KiwiBot (official name: KiwiBot 1) is ready to wheel out of headquarters and skrt-skrt to Gong Cha. There aren’t too many students walking around yet, but a KiwiBot falling on its side is not ideal when it’s stuck in the middle of Sather Lane. KiwiBot gets notified that the student is on Memorial Glade! *Heart eyes* That’s KiwiBot’s favorite place to go! It’s a nice, sunny day, so there may even be cute dogs running around.

After the first successful delivery of the day, KiwiBot is ready to chat with some friends. Most KiwiBots mingle near Sproul Plaza, so KiwiBot lazily strolls across campus and waits for its friends. Within five minutes, KiwiBot 2 and KiwiBot 3 form a circle face-to-face with KiwiBot 1. There are lots of laughs and gossip exchanged between bots about the previous day’s deliveries, and there are always soft murmurs from students passing by, wondering about their topic of conversation (them). For a KiwiBot, a typical conversation starter would be something like: “What did you deliver last?” or “Has KiwiBot 68 recovered from falling down the stairs last week?”

After about 10 minutes of catching up, the three KiwiBots part ways and go off to deliver poke, Hot Cheetos and pizza. It is clear that the students are getting hungry. KiwiBot 1 quickly heads over to Sliver to pick up a delivery. The order is hot, and KiwiBot is determined to keep it that way for the customer. As KiwiBot is crossing Bancroft to get onto campus, it noticed many clubs actively flyering any student passing by. This makes it really easy for KiwiBot to not get sidetracked since all the students naturally migrate to the sides of Sproul for flyering season. So, KiwiBot goes straight through the middle of Sproul, past Sather Gate and toward Evans.

The journey is long, but what makes it longer is the final incline. Some nice students occasionally give KiwiBot encouraging pets, but sometimes they purposefully stand in front of it and try to “test” its reaction time. No matter what, this student is going to get their pizza. After much hardship and GPS recalculations, KiwiBot makes it to the front of Evans where an eager student stands, grinning hungrily as KiwiBot approaches them. KiwiBot isn’t surprised. Doing math for a few hours makes it hungry too.

Finally, KiwiBot ventures back to headquarters to get a reboot. On its way, a group of tourists wants to take a picture with it. KiwiBot is pleased and knows to stop and let the tourists have their mini photo shoot. After that is over, KiwiBot continues to make its way toward Sproul. This is immediately delayed when a student almost trips over KiwiBot near FSM. At that moment, KiwiBot realized that it forgot to put on its neon flag.

Needless to say, it’s been a long day, and KiwiBot is ready to relax.

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FEBRUARY 11, 2019