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Best things to use for coffee instead of paying for a disposable coffee cup

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FEBRUARY 04, 2019

The Berkeley City Council voted Jan. 22 to charge an extra 25 cents for disposable coffee cups. The policy is intended to reduce waste in Berkeley and progress the city toward #ZeroWaste2020 and will be enacted in — you guessed it — 2020. While we still have more or less a year to go before we find ourselves fishing for that extra quarter for our morning cups of joe (or not, because we all have newfangled electronic methods of transferring cash these days), what exactly can we expect from this brave environmentalist agenda? The Clog isn’t quite sure, but we do have your back on what you can bring to your fave coffee shop to avoid the fee!

Your trusty Hydro Flask

Bring your Hydro Flask into Peet’s, and you save 25 cents! The bottles are decent at keeping hot drinks relatively hot without having to sacrifice your elite status by carrying around a (gasp) thermos.

That mug you got for Christmas in 2015

Of course, it’s natural that most kids from Berkeley are going to tap into their extensive mug collections that they’ve collected from holiday gifts, HomeGoods and our trusty steed, Daiso. They finally have an excuse to use that mug that changes its outside design when something hot is poured in it. Sorry, iced-coffee lovers, you’ll probably miss out.

A mason jar

We all want to be able to fit our trash from the year into a cute little mason jar that we proudly display as the centerpiece on our dining table or a decoration on our mantle. We know that won’t happen any time soon, so why not bring that jar to Strada instead? You can live out your hipster fantasies while saving some cold, hard cash.

Avoid the cost of disposable cups and help support sustainability efforts by using this handy list!

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FEBRUARY 08, 2019