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Baby, it's cold outside! Tips on how to enjoy the winter weather

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FEBRUARY 04, 2019

Winter can be cold and dreary, even if it isn’t below zero. Icy rain, strong winds and a lack of sunlight make a good case for just hiding in your room. Although this is an ideal option, chances are you have to go to lecture and deal with rain-soaked clothes for the rest of the day. However, winter doesn’t have to be so bad. Here are some ways to squeeze enjoyment out of the season!

Drink some hot beverages

Cold days seem to be the only time that a really hot drink feels like bliss. Be it a hot coffee or some hot apple cider, the warmth from one of these drinks can help brighten your day. Besides, when else are you going to have an excuse to drink some hot chocolate? If warmth is what you want, a hot drink will spread it through your whole body.

Sing in the rain

If you don’t mind being a little silly, this option might help you escape rainy day blues. It’s a way to see the rain as something other than a nuisance. So, prance around in the rain when nobody’s looking. Let the rain be a cheery event!

Curl up under some blankets

Winter is the season to get cozy — big fuzzy blankets are a great way to achieve this. There’s something peaceful and calm about being wrapped up in a blanket and reading. It’s a kind of cozy that can only happen on the cold days of winter and is a perfect break from the stresses of school.

Don’t wear cotton when it rains

Being cold with wet clothes sucks — it steals all of your body heat and just feels uncomfortable. If you want to avoid being miserable this winter, don’t wear any cotton when it rains as it will stay wet all day. Let’s just say that your favorite jeans will stick to your legs and make sure you’re freezing. Quick dry pants and synthetic clothes are a great option because they will dry quickly if you do get wet.

Go for a run

Cold air is nice when you’re running. It can feel cool and refreshing as your body heats up when you’re working out. Exercising also helps you feel happier, which should help improve your mood. After your workout, you’ll be greeted with a nice cold breeze as well as endorphins — now, that’s a good use of the season.

Winter is known for its cold weather and short days. It can seem like a season built on misery but this doesn’t have to be the case. Our winters aren’t too bad, so go out there and enjoy the pluses of it being in the mid-50s. Just stay dry and keep warm when you can! That way, you won’t be cold or miserable.

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FEBRUARY 04, 2019