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Sleepless in Seattle: A caffeine-fueled travel review with the Clog

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JANUARY 29, 2019

Seattle, Washington — a quintessential travel destination loved by many for its bustling marketplace, incessant winter rains, a gargantuan supply of books and the myriad of coffee shops on every street corner. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or lucky enough to call this place home, Seattle has a little something to offer for everybody. Here are a few of the Clog-tested-and-approved things to consider trying next time you’re in Seattle.

Spend some time in a bookstore

For bibliophiles and people-who-would-rather-watch-the-movies alike, Seattle’s impressive collection of bookstores each offer a relaxed experience enhanced by their own unique character. Our favorite is the Elliott Bay Book Company on 10th Avenue. Many books have handwritten reviews hanging from the shelves that describe the plot and how the story resonates with the reader. Suzzallo Library on the campus of the University of Washington also has a beautiful collection of books and is world-renowned for its architecture.

Take a walk around Pike Place

Admittedly, this is a pretty touristy recommendation. The iconic Pike Place Market, however, has a distinctive charm that makes it one of the more enjoyable attractions in the city of Seattle. Sometimes swarmed with other tourists (especially at lunchtime), Pike Place is a lively market that offers everything from fish-tossing to live jazz to incredible food. A few fan favorites include Piroshky Piroshky, Pike Place Chowder, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Le Panier. Yum.

See the Amazon Spheres

Several massive glass spheres, built and run by Amazon, are a sharp contrast to the otherwise bustling downtown area. The Amazon Spheres provide a more creative space for Amazon employees to think, with plants, waterfalls and quaint aquariums covering almost every inch of the building. In fact, they house more than 40,000 plants from 30-plus countries! Inside the spheres, the environment is hot and humid like the Amazon jungle. There are several floors to explore, and a local favorite, the General Porpoise Doughnuts stand, exists on one of the floors.

Note: The Amazon Spheres are only open to the public on weekends!

Sip some coffee

A coffee in hand makes for the perfect accessory as you take on the city. Seattle is known by coffee connoisseurs across the world for its rich, flavorful specialty coffee drinks. While there are more than enough coffee shops located across Seattle to satiate your caffeine craving for a lifetime, a few places that we suggest are Moore Coffee Shop, Espresso Vivace, Storyville Coffee Co. and Caffe Zingaro.

Sample the art culture

Chihuly Garden and Glass is an exhibit located adjacent to the Space Needle and showcases beautiful works of glass-blown art. Demonstrations are offered at certain times, wherein experts will walk an audience through the process of creating glass-blown sculptures. Other than that, the experience is exceptionally unique and definitely worth seeing at least once. Check its website for available dates and ticket prices!

Seattle truly proves itself as the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re just passing through or living in this mystical city, make sure to check out all it has!

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JANUARY 29, 2019