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Quiz: Which Christmas album should you be listening to right now?

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DECEMBER 11, 2018

Christmas and finals are both coming up, so it’s a good time to listen to some tunes to keep you sane and in a more positive spirit. The real question that we’re all worrying about during this finals season is which album you should be listening to next, so let’s find out!


  1. Finals are in full swing, how are you doing?
    1. *Endless screaming*
    2. I’ve got it handled. I know my textbooks inside and out.
    3. I’m just pre-rewarding myself with lots and lots of breaks. #selfcare
    4. Don’t talk to me, I’ve gotta study!
    5. I’m screwed, but I’ve come to terms with that.
    6. That’s a problem for Future Me to deal with.
  2. How much sleep did you get this past week?
    1. Sleep? Who has the time?
    2. Sometimes I stay up a little too late studying, so I’ll sleep in.
    3. With classes no longer in session, I get at least eight hours.
    4. I go back and forth between no sleep and hibernation.
    5. 3-5 hours seems like a reasonable amount of rest.
    6. There are way too many parties going on for that.
  3. What are you most excited about for winter break?
    1. No more stress for a month will be truly amazing.
    2. Time with family and friends outside of Berkeley.
    3. Is it bad to say presents… because presents.
    4. Sleeping. I’m gonna sleep so hard.
    5. Shopping! I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping already but it’s gonna be lit.
    6. Family traditions, like decorating and watching cheesy movies.
  4. Which holiday treat best defines you?
    1. Eggnog — fun but definitely an acquired taste.
    2. Gingerbread — sweet but a little spicy.
    3. CANDY! — everyone loves me.
    4. Hot chocolate — classic but cozy.
    5. Cookies — a holiday classic.
    6. Peppermint — cute but powerful.
  5. What do you want for Christmas this year?
    1. Direction for my life?
    2. A break.
    3. Money, please!
    4. A little less chaos on campus.
    5. To pass all my classes.
    6. For my crush to text me back.
  6. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
    1. “The Grinch.” You know which one.
    2. “It’s a Wonderful Life.” A classic.
    3. “The Santa Clause.” Nothing but respect for MY Santa.
    4. “Love Actually,” “Bridget Jones” or any rom-com.
    5. “Elf.” Only the most quotable movie of all time.
    6. “A Christmas Prince.” The cheesier, the better!
  7. What’s one part of Christmas you can’t live without?
    1. Christmas lights! They literally brighten my life.
    2. The Christmas tree! So pretty (and smells so good).
    3. Christmas carols! They bring everyone together.
    4. Presents and Christmas stockings! Gift-giving is so fun.
    5. Christmas day feasts! All that good food—yes, please.
    6. Time with family and friends to show how much you care.
    1. You got Sia: Everyday is Christmas! One of the newer, more poppy albums out there, “Everyday is Christmas” is one of my personal faves, and I hope you’ll feel the same way. With ten original and lovely songs like “Sunshine” and “Underneath the Christmas Lights,” Sia doesn’t rely on covering traditional songs to bring some of that festive spirit right to your heart.
    2. You got Michael Bublé: Christmas! Let’s be honest, you might already be listening to his jazzy voice. With his sultry covers of Christmas classics like “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” and  “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and sweet originals like “Cold December Night,” you’re bound to feel like it’s Christmas back in Berkeley. (We’ll forgive his “Santa Buddy” controversy if it means we can hear his sweet sweet voice).
    3. You got the album You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stefani! It came out just last year, and it’s already a Christmas classic. With sweet and sassy covers of songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Last Christmas,” and fun and original romantic bops like “My Gift Is You” and “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” this is a great album to get you in the Christmas spirit while you finish up those finals before heading home for the holidays.
    4. You got Mannheim Steamroller: Christmas! A nineties synth and orchestral classic, this album is the perfect background Christmas music you need for studying or setting the holiday mood for a Christmas party. Fall down the rabbit hole of their discography as you finish up those problem sets and essays, it’ll help you feel festive and motivated AF as you finish up the semester.
    5. You got the album Don’t Waste Your Wishes by The Killers! Every year, the alternative band has released a very nontraditional Christmas single, and now you can listen to all ten of them in an album. With songs like “Don’t Shoot Me Santa Claus” and “Joseph, Better You Than Me,” this album will have you smiling and bopping along to some strangely nostalgic and festive tunes.
    6. You got Pentatonix – A Pentatonix Christmas! This a cappella group helped a cappella go mainstream. Their music brings epic and beautiful mixes to our Christmas faves. Their album may not be very long, but it’s a great start to the Christmas music listening season. Why not smash the replay button one more time?


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DECEMBER 12, 2018