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A guide to the best spots for studying in San Francisco

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DECEMBER 04, 2018

Making the trek to Moffitt only to find zero seats available is a disappointing situation that we can all relate to as UC Berkeley students. With finals coming up next week, being left without a suitable studying spot is not a viable option. We, at the Clog, have the perfect, yet unexpected, solution to your studying qualms. Here are five places to check out if you’re looking to escape the jampacked libraries and cramped cafes in Berkeley by studying nestled within the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Workshop Cafe FiDi

Situated in the Financial District, Workshop Cafe provides an atmosphere of tech, art and innovation to really get you studying. There’s tons of workspace sprawled throughout the cafe and a number of drinks and food items to order when you’re in a need of a snack. Let’s not forget that they’ve got strong Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets for all of your electronic devices. When it comes to next-level cafes, Workshop Cafe is your spot with its own app where you can rent study spaces in advance and order a coffee right from your seat.

Cafe La Flore Irving

This Inner Sunset cafe is a neighborhood gem with its warm and welcoming feel. With seating located both upstairs and downstairs, you don’t have to frantically scramble to secure your spot. Another plus is the vast selection of items to choose from— the breakfast menu includes egg sandwiches and muffins, classic dishes and pastries, while their lunchtime menu offers a wide variety of sandwiches and salads with homemade dressing to really satisfy the hunger that can arise after hours spent working.

St. Clare Coffee

Another go-to cafe in the heart of the Financial District is St. Clare Coffee with its modern, hip and industrial workplace environment. With long studying tables, free Wi-Fi and amazing coffee to keep you energized, St. Clare Coffee has all the makings of a great cafe. But what makes this spot so unique is its gallery space located within the shop that adds a nice touch while you hit the books.


For those who love their lattes, Home serves up some of the prettiest beverages in the Bay Area. Even if your standard order doesn’t involve the word latte in it, you’ll definitely want to give one of their creations a try. Chances are you might have even seen their birthday cake latte and cookie monster latte on your Instagram feed. As for the place itself, the hip interior makes for a great study spot with seating galore and free Wi-Fi.

Jane on Fillmore

Nestled within Pacific Heights, the savory and scrumptious food at this trendy cafe will immediately catch your eye with their twist on several classics, like avocado toast topped with jalapeños and pickled shallots. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely want to try one of their mouth watering pastries. Although this spot tends to get pretty crowded especially on weekends, there’s additional seating upstairs in a quaint loft area.

These spots will truly have you feeling like you left your heart in San Francisco, so long as you make sure not to leave your study materials for finals with it.

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DECEMBER 04, 2018