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Creative ways to use mason jars on National Mason Jar Day

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NOVEMBER 30, 2018

Of all the random holidays out there, perhaps one of the most random is National Mason Jar Day, which occurs every November 30. Mason jars are a somewhat recent phenomenon in pop culture, with trendy restaurants serving drinks in them and small boutique shops using them as decorations. We at the Clog love mason jars and their potential to create Pinterest-worthy aesthetics. But today, on National Mason Jar Day, we’ve decided to come up with a few original ways you can use this staple of every basic girl’s toolbox.

As a place to store flyers you get on Sproul

We all know accepting a flyer is usually a demonstration of courtesy rather than actual interest in whatever is being promoted. With the help of a mason jar, you can turn all of the wasted papers into an artsy table centerpiece. Every time you get a new flyer, crumple it up and add it to the collection.

As a container for your bad grades

Once you get the hard copy of the midterm you didn’t do so well on back, burn it to ashes and store it in the jar. This can then serve as a cute little table decoration but also as a subtle reminder of all your past failures.

As a frat party essential

In case you didn’t know, red solo cups are highly unsustainable, as they produce waste that takes several years to decompose. Although there are alternative ways to make use of your red solo cup, another way to be sustainable is to bring your own mason jar to carry your drink around in. This could potentially create a dangerous situation if you’re around a bunch of wasted people, but hey, at least you’re saving the environment!

As a pencil pouch

Don’t you just hate when your canvas pencil pouches start to wear out, or when you accidentally leave the zipper open and suddenly the bottom of your backpack is a mess of highlighters and mechanical pencils? Mason jars are the answer to your problem. You can store your pencils, pens, erasers and lead in a mason jar, screw on the cap and carry that sucker around with you all day. As an added bonus, you can take it out in Moffitt and flex on everyone else there with your cute tabletop decoration.

As an item for self-protection

You can carry a mason jar around at night and, if needed, throw it at potential attackers to draw attention from bystanders. Also, with the Big Game coming up, they’re also excellent ammunition if you need a way to defend yourself from the $tanfurd fans.

As you can see, there’s no limit to the ways mason jars can be used in the everyday life of a UC Berkeley student. We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for how you can use this adorable essential in your daily life, beyond its more basic, well-known applications.

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NOVEMBER 30, 2018