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A power ranking of all the Yali's locations on campus

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NOVEMBER 26, 2018

If you’ve been around campus for the last few years, then you know there used to be a day when everyone’s go-to wasn’t Yali’s. There used to be Ramona’s. There used to be Qualcomm. Now, if you want coffee, your options are basically Yali’s… and Yali’s again. Or Free Speech Movement Café, but let’s not go there. So in order to help you decide which Yali’s to go to the next time you’re in dire need of some java, we at the Clog have power-ranked the three Yali’s locations on campus according to three different metrics — aesthetic, food and drinks, and accessibility.

Yali’s in Stanley Hall

Aesthetic — 7/10: This Yali’s is pretty aesthetic and gets bonus points for being in Stanley Hall, which might just be one of the prettiest buildings on campus. We’re also appreciative of the nice little patio right outside the café, a perfect place to get some solid work done and munch on whatever you’ve bought. Just beware — the flies and bees that go in and out of this particular Yali’s may attack you and/or your food.

Food and drinks — 8/10: The Stanley Hall café’s food and drinks are both quality. You can never go wrong with its sandwiches, Mediterranean platter or pumpkin chocolate chip bread. If you haven’t tried the pumpkin chocolate chip bread, you’re high-key missing out and should drop what you’re doing after finishing this article and treat yo’self to a slice. This café’s coffee is great, especially when you need a strong but not bitter pick-me-up in the morning or late afternoon.

Accessibility — 7/10: If you need a palate cleanser after your math midterm in Evans or you have class somewhere around Hearst Mining Circle, you’re in luck because this Yali’s is nestled in the midst of it all. We took off a few points for its inability to accept debit cards and desire to charge us a little extra if we don’t pay in cash. There’s also not that much seating, so if you go during peak hours, you probably won’t find a place to sit.

Total: 22/30


Yali’s in Sutardja Dai Hall

Aesthetic — 9/10: We love the modern yet comfortable look of this Yali’s. We’re hella down for the wooden-tables aesthetic, and we’re even willing to try the high tables if we’re feeling a little adventurous for the day. If you want to hide away, you can sit in the back on the couches and have a little more privacy. If the weather is good, there’s tons of sunlight that streams into this café, which is always a major plus.

Food and drinks — 8/10: Given that it’s on campus, the food and drink options at this Yali’s are great. While its hot drinks aren’t quite hot enough (especially if you’re an extra-hot-drink lover like we are), its options are very similar to those of the Yali’s in Stanley and are thus Clog-approved (and we have pretty high standards, so that’s saying something).

Accessibility — 8/10: There’s tons of seating in this café, which makes it a prime space to catch up with friends or finish coding up some algos real quick. It’s also a great spot to people-watch, as there are always people (#EECS) coming and going from Northside. The one downside of this Yali’s is its loud music that is simply not conducive to studying. We’d give this Yali’s a 10/10 for accessibility if it played some mellow jazz.

Total: 25/30


Micro Yali’s in VLSB

Aesthetic — 4/10: This Yali’s is so small that there really isn’t much room for an aesthetic. But we guess this part of VLSB is sort of aesthetic, so points for effort?

Food and drinks — 5/10: Perfect if you have class in VLSB, this Yali’s provides the quick yet mediocre coffee boost you need when you’re in a rush. The food is somehow not on par with the other Yali’s, so we only recommend going here if you really need to.

Accessibility — 5/10: It’s easily accessible if you’re in VLSB itself, but if you’re not, there’s really no point in going here. You might as well walk another five to 10 minutes to Center Street (or even Shattuck Avenue, if you’re feeling a little bold), where you’ll have several more quality options to choose from.

Total: 14/30

There you have it — the Yali’s in Sutardja Dai is by far the best Yali’s on campus. We wish the cafés would bring back their focaccia bread (their other bread options are still pretty darn good, though). We also wish they’d all be a little cheaper because we’re #ballinonabudget. Other than that, we’re immensely thankful for the good coffee and food options at Yali’s. Now let’s go get (their) bread. 

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NOVEMBER 26, 2018