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Uses for your red solo cup other than alcohol for the Big Game

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NOVEMBER 16, 2018

In celebration of the Big Game, you may find a red solo cup becoming your favorite tailgating outfit accessory this weekend. However, there are a lot more uses for these cups than simply just for drinks. And, considering that this iconic drink-ware is made from a plastic that most recycling centers do not process, it’s important to find alternative uses. So, we at the Clog are here to let you know of six different ways you can transition this party staple into an everyday household item.


Cut one square, or circle if you can manage successfully, on the side of two solo cups. Take the cardboard tube leftover from a finished roll of paper towels, and cut a rectangle in the center (big enough to fit your phone in). Stick the ends of the tube inside the two holes in the cups so that a cup is at each end. And there you have it — the easiest, cheapest makeshift stereo system you will ever find.


If the artistic trait doesn’t flow through your veins, don’t worry! This next cup transformation involves only the red solo cup itself, unless, of course, you want to add some decorations. This cup makes for a great pencil holder on your desk, a utensil holder in your kitchen area or a toothbrush holder in the bathroom. The possibilities are endless!

Candle decoration

Cut tons of small holes evenly dispersed across the cup about the size of the diameter of a No. 2 pencil. Then, flip the cup upside down and place an LED candle underneath for a cute and inexpensive dorm room knick-knack.

String light display

For this next do-it-yourself hack, you’ll need a bunch of mini red solo cups and string lights. Poke a hole in the base of each of your mini cups and stick the bulb of each string light through. In no time at all, you’ll have a light display perfect for hanging on your balcony or bedroom wall.

Pot for plants

Tiny succulents have become a college apartment decoration sensation, which comes as no surprise since they’re extremely easy to care for even with your busy life here in Berkeley. If your plant didn’t come with a pot of its own, put some dirt inside a red solo cup and place the plant inside. It’s as simple as that, and now your succulent has a nice, new home!

Next time you consider trashing the piles of red solo cups littering your lawn after your game day celebration or even the couple that linger from your house party, get artsy and crafty and try to make one of these clever creations.

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NOVEMBER 16, 2018